Not the sharpest crayon in the box

I have some serious blog programming comprehension issues. If there is a blog-related learning disability, I think I might have it. I have been trying for a month (not everyday you understand) to figure out this blogrolling thing, and I can't do it! This despite the kind intervention of a few fellow bloggers. Oh, I have my blog roll finished, I just can't figure out how to import the damn thing into my template. If anyone cares to explain this to me in the most elementary way, please email me and help me out of my misery.

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DeadBug said...

Don't be fooled--it's tricky to set up a Blogroll. (You are using blogrolling.com, right?) Anyway, I'm assuming you are, so I just sent you an email (wouldn't let me post a comment containing HTML tags, so I had to do it via email). Hope it works for you!