My weekly ritual on most Sunday evenings is to take a bit of Nyquil to help me sleep, or else I'm tossing and turning in bed until 1am. Imagine my paralysing terror when I realised that if I were to get pregnant, there would be no more Nyquil!!! Nyquil makes my Sunday nights pass with such ease, and my Mondays chilled out and relaxed due to my loooovely Nyquil haze. Do you think I'd get fired if my employer found out I have a Nyquil hangover on a weekly basis? On a Monday morning (as if Monday mornings aren't hard enough) it's all I can do to not say, "Dude...like calm down man...can't we all just get along and love each other?" to people on the phone or via email. I hope I'm not inadvertantly wandering around the building with a goofy smile on my face and glazed over half-lidded eyes. So what if I am, it feels gooooooooood.

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