Ain't life just a kick in the pants?

So here we all are...a community struggling with infertility. We do as we're told; we have sex only on certain days, thereby making sex a chore. We give up caffeine in the hopes that just maybe that will make the difference. We don't smoke or drink. We allow ourselves to be injected with powerful medications that though we have the .0005% chance of making us fertile, they will also give us hot flashes, headaches, aches and pains, nausea and murderous impulses. This is not to mention the effect any of this has on the other people in our lives. We do all this and then...

A bloody 66 year old gives birth. The article says she also underwent fertility treatment, but as a 26 year old struggling to get pregnant despite doing everything right it's difficult to not begrudge the fact that a woman 40 years my senior successfully carried a child to term. Hmph. I suppose in the alternate universe where I'm an incurable optimist, this would give me hope. Surely if a 66 year old can get knocked up, so can I! Unfortunately this is not the world I inhabit. Instead I wonder why it is her and not me, or not anyone else that reads this. How is it that everything managed to go right for a 66 year old, but not any of us?

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DeadBug said...

Is this the Romanian woman? Yeah, I sure hear you on this. And the most horrible, heartbreaking part is that one of the twins died just after birth. Awful, awful, awful.