So it's 2005...

At the moment with getting this blog thing off the ground I feel as if this is just a personal diary for my perusal only. I imagine that is all it is anyway, since I don't really know how people browsing the internet stumble upon these things. I feel a bit stupid writing all this stuff in a public forum for what is essentially sole readership--me. Oh well. Maybe some bored/needful/fill in applicable adjective here surfer will eventually stumble upon my little non-sensical ventings and gain some comfort from knowing that there are people out there with common experiences. I know that is what has helped me through so much of this, as well as inspiring me to air all my feelings publicly.

I did have an objective other than self-pity when I started this...what was it...oh yes, the new year. So, for anyone that *may* read this: best wishes for a fruitful and gloriously happy 2005. I'm hoping that based on the last few years' events in my life that the next big thing to happen to me will be pregnancy, but then again, if it wasn't would I be here typing this? I moved to the UK in 2002 and spent the year getting a job, mortgage, and adjusting to the fantastic (yet overwhelming) life change. 2003 found me moving to my second flat since the transatlantic relocation, whilst simultaneously getting a new job and losing my grandfather. 2004 was ushered in by my introduction to Clomid, and a long 6 months followed. I also started my MA in this period, so in that sense Clomid was a blessing in disguise as I had a built in excuse when I didn't do well in papers or exams. Naturally it was the Clomid not procrastination! October 2004 was the start of this injections/IUI ballyhoo, and as I've mentioned, it's still going on. Soooo...after all that I'm hoping that 2005 will bring a nice, stressful, positively eventful year.


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