Saturday bloody Saturday

Today is the day. Not that my cycle has ever been close to normal, but if it was to actually obey nature's intent I would start my new cycle today. I hate this time of the month because though in the very back of my mind I'm optimistic, I know there is no point. When it is nearly time for the blob to show up I find myself incredulously peering into my underwear every time I go to the bathroom, hoping I don't see anything. I do this sort of squinting, head-turned-to-the-side thing, with one eye on my underwear and the other closed so (god forbid) two eyes wouldn't have to see any blood if there was any! I do this every month, as if I think that perhaps if I don't make full eye contact with my underwear, I won't really be bleeding. If only it were that easy.


DeadBug said...

Great visual--that one-eyed thing has me rolling. I completely relate. I do a similar thing with HPTs. And as for comments, my god, aren't they exciting? I get a few these days but each one still tickles me pink.

If you need a little help getting rolling with the blog links, I'd be happy to lend my (minimal) experience: To code a links list on your own is a little complex, so I simplified it by using a site called Blogrolling (www.Blogrolling.com). It's free and easy to use, and as I recall, you just need to copy and paste a chunk of HTML code to your blog template. Then you can add links super-quickly just by going to a site you like and clicking the "Blogroll It" link.

Hope this helps, and I'm glad I found your blog!


MsPrufrock said...

Yeah, I do the act with HPTs too, but as the period thing is more regular (so to speak), that is the one I think of first. As for BlogRolling, I managed to think that I linked a bunch, as it turns out I didn't. I suck. Try, try again.