An assortment of delights

This is going to be a bit disjointed, but there are a few things I wanted to mention today and they are utterly random.

First, The Dude spoke to Good Lady Cooter Poker today and she recommended that I induce another period due to my phantom one of last week. Yay me. 2 periods (if you can call the first one that) within a few weeks of each other. Upon the onset of the newest period I'm to get a scan on the first day so I can start my injections again! I was hoping to wait another month but alas the little ovary-shaped devil on my shoulder kept prodding me with his trident to beg the Good Lady to induce. I'm hoping to turn this cycle of injectables into a competition to make life a touch more exciting. Last time round I cried at many ridiculous things including a cat sitting outside my flat grooming itself, the previously-mentioned lack of bananas situation at the supermarket, and an embarrassing period of absolute despondence when my email was down for a couple of hours. This month I'm aiming high. I'm talking temper tantrums when we run out of milk, crying fits when a pimple rears its ugly head on my already beseiged chin, and a full day of bed rest due to the immense emotional pain brought on by not being able to find a pen in the black hole I call my purse. Oh, the possibilities...

Second, could people who mention that at 26 my clock is ticking please go throw themselves off the nearest tall building for the benefit of all mankind? One of my co-workers told me yesterday that I'm "running out of time". The irony of the infertility situation aside, since when is 26 old by any standards, fertility or otherwise? This is actually the second time I have been told that I am rapidly approaching the point of no return in the fertility stakes. The first time I was 24. I try to focus on the fact that both women aren't exactly setting the world alight with their career and educational aspirations, so I suppose I can take solace in that. I'm just so offended both as a woman and specifically as an infertile woman. Infertile Pru thinks that it is amazing that people would assume that as I have had no children, that translates to me not attempting to. Feminist Pru finds it laughable (yet tragic) that the insinuation is that a 26 year old woman should only be concerned with childbearing. Nevermind that this is the 21st century and there are some women that do not make having babies their utmost priority! Bah...

Third thing...There are some interesting comments for perusal by readers on the BBC's website regarding the 66 year old Romanian mother. As I am a glutton for punishment and enjoy getting pissed off, I read the comments eagerly knowing there would be judgmental tripe regarding infertility treatment in general. The great people of Britain did not disappoint. Some personal favourites:

"Sorry but becoming pregnant and giving birth should be left to young women who can naturally conceive. I find it odd that with all the unwanted children in the world that this woman could not have adopted one."

"With so many parentless children in the World it is still debatable whether fertility treatment is appropriate at any age."

Pfft...just adopt a kid?? Why are we wasting our time with all of these infertility treatments when there are millions of children out there waiting to be adopted??? I had no idea there was such a simple resolution!

Lastly, and completely unrelated to fertility issues...I'm a pacifist that is desperately afraid of being involved in any form of confrontation. The Dude is always pleading with me to stick up for myself but as a shy, retiring wallflower type, I generally keep quiet when people are taking advantage of me in one way or another. I think I have grown tremendously since I moved over here and was forced to be more independent than ever before. Because of this, I have been making a concerted effort to be more forward and speak my mind. I have had a couple of breakthroughs lately (go me!), but today is my favourite.

As I mentioned yesterday, I work at a University. One of the lecturers is one the most reprehensible, vile, sad excuses for a human I have ever had the misfortune of crossing paths with. We shall call him Professor Titty Starer, as he seems to think that my eyes are where I could swear my nipples are located. Prof. T.S. is in his own world, foolishly believing that he can carry on in any way he sees fit regardless of the toes he may step on in the process. Today I dared to go against his wishes, though he knew what he was doing was incorrect. He wasn't around at the time I made the decision to correct his wrongdoings, so when he found out he hunted me down. The old me would have backed down and let him intimidate me, but the new and improved UK-edition Pru just acted bored and amused in reaction to his immense frustration and then proceeded to point out something else that he was doing wrong. I wanted to call him a pretentious, arrogant twat, but I held my tongue. Oh, he hates me. He can't stand me and I love it. God, I'm such a ball buster.


DeadBug said...

Go you!


Nico said...

An assortment of comments:

re: babies only for those who can conceive naturally - it's funny how you think that until you find out you can't... not that I ever thought that other people shouldn't use infertility treatments, but I never imagined myself doing it. You know, 'If it's not meant to be, it's not meant to be' - until you find out that means you have to pass on something you've imagined your whole life.

re: sticking up for yourself - You go girl! It can even be fun sometimes!