One step beyond

While the mother is away, the blogger will play. How old am I anyway--sneaking to the computer while my mom isn't around like a shifty little teenager. I hope my mom doesn't find out I've been talking to infertiles. I'll be grounded for weeks!

I'd like to thank The Academy everyone that has left comments wonderful things you said. As I've mentioned many times before, it's so great to be able to commiserate with people that actually know what you're going through. Having started this blog, as well as reading so many of the fab blogs out there I cannot imagine not having this outlet. I'd be way more emotionally unstable than I already am, if that can be believed.

Bring on the IVF. In the past week or so I've come to terms with this and so it is. The finality of it is something which I don't know if I will overcome, but I'm not so scared of it anymore. What I'm about to say sounds so annoyingly suzy sunshine, but in a way, all of these failed attempts have strengthened me for IVF. Yeah, so there are more cooter pokings, more pain, more frustration to come, but hey...I'm used to it all now. I think you quickly reach a point where the prospect of all these horrible things is just numbing.

I will look back on this post once IVF starts and wonder what the fuck I was waxing optimistic about. Don't worry fair readers, I will soon be pulling my hair out, scratching at my eyes, and screaming at passers-by again. It's only a matter of time.

Meanwhile, to keep us all entertained, let us regale ourselves with funny google searches which have led weary sojourners here. Though I don't get really odd searches like "panty-sniffing badgers" and the like, my mild ones do entertain me.

  1. Yeah, so I'm bitter. I'm impressed that I was ranked 5th in this search. See, it does pay to be a grouchy crone, you can be in fifth place in something! By the way, who does a search for this, and what were they hoping to find?
  2. Oh, the irony does not elude me. I was only 10th here. I never thought that someone could type in "homemaker" and end up being lead to me. That is the stuff of nightmares.
  3. I had two really good ones, but unfortunately my counter has now deleted them. Let's just say that the public's fascination with Candace Cameron Bure in various states of undress is a bit disconcerting. Between nipple slip searches and those seeking a complete muff-baring, I'm beginning to regret incorporating her into one of my posts. She's a god-fearing, married mother of three now people, get yourselves together. She won't be whipping out her business anytime in the near future. Well, keep hope alive I guess...


Molly said...

Panty-sniffing, muff-baring, nipple slip -- those ought to lead to even weirder searches. Well done!

Congrats on your current optimism. Let's hope it sticks around.

deborah said...

You'll be pleased to know, oh bitter one, that you have moved up to number 3 on the Hatefest search!