For sale

One husband, and one mother. Husband is a '72 model, in good physical shape, but is a bit temperamental. Mother is young-looking and acting, pierced nose. Will need to be supplied with numerous medications in order to function properly. £2.50 for the two of them. This deal will not last, but at the moment they are too much for me to handle simultaneously.

Selling inflexible husband that makes you monkey in the middle: £1.25

Auctioning off mother that is oblivious to her impositions: £1.25

Keeping infertile woman's sanity intact so her head doesn't explode: Priceless


deborah said...

Oh, oh Pru. Has it been that bad? How much longer?

Suz said...

Your MIL has a nose-piercing?

I'm sorry that it's been difficult. Hang in there!!

Molly said...

Oh, sweet Jesus. It's gonna be a long three weeks, isn't it?