Music Monday: Man Bands

After last week's male singer/songwriterathon, I thought I'd inject my own chosen genre of male singers - that of man bands. If I'm going to like a singer/songwriter, chances are it will be a female. I need my men to be rocking out in a band, not singing about tear-stained eyelashes on some broad. My brother is a sensitive soul, bless him, and he loves that shit. Me, not so much, generally speaking. C was also offended that only 4 people had anything to say about his choice in music. I suppose he expected dozens of plaudits, so the four resulting comments crushed his bruised music ego, such is his love of singer/songwriters. He's like some sort of shifty Svengali with the amount he pushes his music on poor, unsuspecting people.

The sound is kind of the same here, as I've chosen man bands that have deep-voiced singers. You'd be surprised how many there are out there! I'm trying to restrain myself from throwing the Kings of Leon's "Sex on Fire" up here just for the hell of it, because damn I LOVE THAT SONG. Ahem.

It all starts with Joy Division. I know some of you girls are Joy Division fans, hollah!

Love Will Tear Us Apart

And just for fun, some man band covers of the song

Arcade Fire feat U2 (God I hate Bono, sorry Rachel)

Fall Out Boy

The Cure

The National

Mistaken for Strangers

Fake Empire


Dying Slowly

Another Night In



No I in Threesome

The Editors (only live shows since seemingly every video has disabled embedding)

The Racing Rats (Live at Later with Jools Holland)

Munich (Live...somewhere)

Not all of the songs were available on playlist.com, so I have substituted where appropriate. The usual - if you can't see the player, pop it out.



As mentioned previously, I am doing Reader Request Music Monday next week - the 29th. So far only two measly people (not that you two are measly in the least, I just mean the response of course!) have emailed me, so I trust that the rest of you haven't emailed me because you're too busy brainstorming. Seriously, you needn't impress anyone with your unique/hip tastes, that kind of defeats the purpose. I'm a woman who has unashamedly put a Paris Hilton video on here as an out-and-proud guilty pleasure. Nothing can be worse than that! All requests sent to me at barrenalbion at g mail dot com. You have until next Sunday night. Don't let me down. I might turn to Oreos if no one else requests anything, so you shall be responsible for the Decline of New Me. If you want that on your already-burdened shoulders, so be it...


Aunt Becky said...

I love this list, dude. Although you're missing a key favorite here: System of a Down. And I *know* you like them.

Tash said...

List takes me back to the 80s where I think all my fave man music is anyway. They all kinda got angry and grumpy after that, didn't they.

I was thinking though, I tend to like my man music high and goofy (Gabriel, Sting) or low and swarthy (Mavericks) and it's rare I find something in the middle I can groove to. So thanks for reminding me. Off to download some Editors.

Sizzle said...

Oh! I love the Tindersticks.

Rachel said...

It's okay if you don't like Bono. You have so many other wonderful qualities that I can overlook that one MAJOR, GLARING PERSONALITY FLAW.


Anyway, hooray for the Joy Division love! LOVE THEM. Another reason to dislike Bono: if Ian Curtis hadn't killed himself, U2 as we know it might not exist.

And Editors, oh man, I kind of love them too much, I think.

I am thinking hard about requests but haven't come up with anything interesting at all. Hm.

calliope said...

great tunes, as always!
I e-mailed you my picks for monday but they will never be as cool as you are...

Kristi said...

Love Joy Division, and I've never heard the Cure cover of LWTUA, so thanks for posting it.

And that Interpol is one of my favorites.

Emailing you my Reader Request picks now.

Gwen said...

The first four bands sound like ones my husband forces me to listen to sometimes. (Did I say "forces"? I think I meant "allows. Because he is a loving and generous soul.")

After that, you totally lost me. But then, I'm still listening to Abba on especially dark days.

PiquantMolly said...

OK, you basically just listed all of Brad's favorite bands. Especially Interpol. Rabid love.