Music Monday: Fraternal Takeover

As I'm now all out and proud with my brother about my blog, I have thought that he could help me out on MM every once in awhile since music is his thing. Lo and behold, he offered to help me out this week, which is great since I am a single mother today thanks to a sudden illness which The Dude has come down with.

C (the brother) and I have overlapping musical tastes, but admittedly I do find a lot of his singer songwriters dull and unimaginative. Some of the artists are just the singer songwriter equivalent to elevator music, a fact which C disputes quite vehemently. Judge for yourselves.

Josh Ritter: C was extolling the brilliance of Mr Ritter this evening. I joked that I didn't like Josh Ritter because I didn't like John Ritter, but the humour was lost on the miserable Ritter-lover.

Right Moves (live on Jools Holland)

Monster Ballads


Piers Faccini: You know how I am with preaching the good word of the New Self? C is this way about Piers. It's like a religion to this kid. C met Zach Braff awhile ago, and even thought to recommend Piers to him. C is on the lookout for his music in the next Zach Braff vehicle as he suspects it would be as per his recommendation.

Each Wave That Breaks and If I (La Blogoteque sessions)

Grinning in Your Face and Death Don't Have No Mercy (La Blogoteque sessions)


Ben Harper: I know some of you like Ben Harper, and though C may not believe, I have featured him on here before. Uh, I think.

Please Me Like You Want To (with Jack Johnson)

When It's Good


Priscilla Ahn: C says, "I like her. I think her voice is amazing. I would love for her to lull me to sleep every night for the rest of my life." I know for a fact he actually wouldn't mind engaging in rude relations with her, but we'll just pretend it's all about the music. I feel as if I must like her because she's a fellow Pennsylvanian.

The Boob Song


Brett Dennen: I'm sure C has told me about him in the past, but like I said, so many of them sound the same and I struggle to tell the difference.

Ain't No Reason


Here's the playlist, as per usual. Josh Ritter's "Monster Ballads" is missing, as I couldn't find it on playlist.com, but I have substituted "Harrisburg" because it's my hometown, and woot! There aren't many options for Piers Faccini, so I have only been able to use "If I", but I have included two additional songs in case you have Piers fever. No "Boob Song" on playlist.com either, so you'll have to make do with "Dream" and "Leave the Light On" from Priscilla Ahn. Remember kids, if the playlist doesn't show up, just pop it out. Words to live by.




j said...

I love Josh Ritter so much. We saw him with the Boston Pops not terribly long ago and it was on e of the most amazing musical experiences I've ever had. And as much as I like those songs from his new album, I'm partial to the "golden age of radio" album a LOT, but the wife swears by "the animal years." From neither of those albums is my current fave, "Kathleen" which is totally worth the download.

Tash said...

Interesting. I realized upon entering grad school that my music collection (esp. favorites and benchmarks) skewed male. So I made some effort to get back into female music, and nothing really floated my boat. And then I moved here two years ago and found XPN and I swear my downloads are 90/10 female/male now.

Having said that: I love Ben Harper, but sadly lump Jack Johnson into that kinda self-important male music that guys seem to find so incredibly powerful that I think is way more accessible to my daughter on the curious george soundtrack. I feel the same way about Counting Crows, and Dave matthews, and, well, frankly a few here. But I guess I can't really judge -- having found what moves me now, who am I to deny them theirs?

Priscilla is kinda hot.

Betty M said...

Is it as sad as I think it is that I am so excited that your brother has met Zach Braff?

Brigindo said...

Gotta say...I like Brother C's taste.