Music Monday: Abort! Abort!

Ok, perhaps not abort, but it will need to wait until tomorrow night when I'm watching America's Next Top Model and Lipstick Jungle. That is, assuming I'm not buried under a pile of ironing, which is a disturbingly realistic assumption.

Music Monday, even when completely at the recommendation of readers, still takes some time to compile believe it or not. I'm a bit obsessive compulsive, so I'm going to need to provide videos and a playlist and all of that takes time. It's now 11.20pm, I was ready to fall asleep at 6pm, and I've run 2.5 miles since then. I don't have it in me to spend an hour on this post and appreciating all of the music you have suggested.

Until tomorrow...I leave you with my favourite P comment of the day:

Setting: Me, sitting on the couch. Her, sitting on the floor, wanting me to get off the couch so I could sit on a cushion placed on the floor.

P: "You do what I want Mum! Sit here!"

Need I remind you that this midget dictator is barely two? I am f-u-c-k-e-d.


OvaGirl said...

Ah yes. The tiny tyrant. I hear you my fellow lackey.

john said...

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Tash said...

Nooooo!!!!! (Gasps over cuppa coffee looking for music).


I too feel as though I've started the whole "I'm not your servant" routine mighty early.