Music Monday: Yeah Yeah Yeahs

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are old news, I know, but I keep telling myself it's about time I pick them for this blessed weekly event.

My brother C, a music business major, is my go-to person for all things musical. The Dude is caught up in a cyclone of girl bands (Sugababes) and late 80s adult contemporary(Phil Collins), so discussing contemporary music with him is like assuming P will listen when I tell her to stop scooping poop out of her nappy. That is to say, an exercise in futility.

C cannot stand the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and refers to poor old Karen O as a "cunt". He can not supply any information as to why she deserves this designation, as she does not display any level of cuntishness from what I know of her. She does have a dreadful mushroom haircut, but that hardly makes her worthy of being called the seaward.

Mushroom hair not withstanding, I happen to think the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are pretty damn good. They have a great mix of music you can dance furiously to (in the privacy of your own home), or just sit back and enjoy with a cup of coffee.

For your consideration:


Cheated Hearts (not an actual band video, thanks to all the damn "disabled by request" lack of embedding.

Gold Lion (live on Letterman)

Turn Into


Date with the Night

I'm all giddy now.


Tash said...

Haven't thought about them for a while, thanks. Will continue through these this evening.

There have been some stellar vids via Letterman, haven't there. Dunno what it is -- more ringers in NYC to call up at the last moment? Or something?

Tigger said...

The only song I know by them is Maps...and the only reason for THAT is because it's on Rockband! :) Piece of trivia for you.