Music Monday: Madness

Wahey, alliteration!

I decided on Madness a few days ago, and 20 minutes I realised how perfect a choice it was since one of their songs is most appropriate to celebrate the wedding du jour - that of my spiritual wife, Molly. Today she is getting hitched to a man I've never met but have "known" since the beginning. I am unbelievably happy for those two crazy kids, and only wish this wasn't the busiest time in the year for university admissions staff or else I'd be there to party as hard as one can without alcohol. For the record, I'm the non-drinker, it's not as if her reception will lack alcohol, hell no! Molly without alcohol at her reception would be like telling me that I can no longer say "fuck" under penalty of death. How else is she supposed to get down to "Big Poppa"? For the record, I prefer Hypnotize.

So, before I start reeling off my favourite Madness songs, this is dedicated to my dear Molly and her brand new, just-out-of-the-box husband. I was going to sit here and try to come up with my own deeply moving, no doubt cheesy lines on love, but I came across a quote by Zora Neale Hurston which seemed perfect - Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place. Knowing M as I do this resonated particularly, and I only wish I could think of such things myself!

It Must Be Love (apologies for the subtitles - embedding has been removed on all of the non-subtitled videos. Bastards)

I was introduced to Madness by a red-haired Englishman with hot legs I met when I was 16. Madness was his favourite band, and he left a copy of Divine Madness with me at the beginning of our long distance relationship, a couple of years later. There is something so quintessentially English about Madness, even if I am idealising whatever that 80s Englishness is. I've tried giving other ska bands a try, but aside from a couple of Specials songs, I keep coming back to Madness.

One Step Beyond:

Our House:

House of Fun:

Baggy Trousers:


One Better Day: (The Dude's personal request)

Tomorrow's Just Another Day:


That's your Music Monday done for another week. I hope to be better at general posting than I have been lately, plus I still owe you my Tales of Florence. This week, I pinkie swear.


hairyfarmerfamily said...

I just got mugged in memory lane! It's happening a lot this week. Ska generally hurts my f'kin head... but Madness were just inspired. I remember quite fancying Suggs as well, although looking at this little lot, I'm thinking he's one of those chaps that got better-looking as he aged.

susie said...

LOVE Madness. Just today I had "Think of seven letters, begin and end in 'C'; Like a big American car but misspelt with a 'D'" stuck in my head... Thanks for the video links, I never would have thought to find them all myself! I love Baggy Trousers!

DrSpouse said...

I love Madness too - and I was there. House of Fun came out around my 16th birthday (I'm now going to discover I was 12, or 20 of course...) and we thought we were the only ones who understood the lyrics (giggle). The 80s in Britain were all about inflation, recession, and Thatcherism, however, not that fun, especially if you were just embarking on adult life.

But you had that great ska band a few weeks ago, didn't you? remind me...

Rachel said...

Ooh, Madness! I feel exactly the same was as you, Pru - aside from the odd Specials track, Madness is about it for me ska-wise. Unless you count the Mighty Mighty BossTones, but... I kind of don't.

calliope said...

madness! Molly!
I am giddy thinking about both of them!

PiquantMolly said...

Awwww! I finally got some internet and came to be your friend again. Thank you for your darling dedication, I read it aloud to my Brad and we both guffawed in pleasure. I miss you!