Music Monday: Go Folk Yourself

Clearly jet lag has not dulled my sense of humour, am I right? Er, yeah.

So here we are again. I am back on this fair isle to grace you with new music, though admittedly this week is not for everyone in that it is Folk Week. It's actually a rather anaemic week as far as musical offerings, as my flat is overrun with elements of packing, the dishes need to be done, and my kid is still jet lagged (sleeps in until 11am, but wakes numerous times before midnight - come to think of it, in print this doesn't sound too bad).

I have many other things to blog about, namely my dedication to the birth of a new me both physically and otherwise, the Aunt Florence post long promised (now with Ferret Stroker photos!), and my musings on whether a trans-Atlantic move may be more imminent than originally thought.

However, as this is Music Monday, the music you shall have.

I always distanced myself from folk growing up, believing it to be the music of aging hippies and girls with dreads wearing peasant skirts and birkenstocks. Obviously there is nothing wrong with either group, as my mom is an aging hippie and I went through my own peasant skirt/birk stage. I guess folk was just never cool enough for me, crazy, progressive hipster that I thought myself to be.

Now I'm a dedicated listener of Folk Alley. I like nothing more than hanging out in my kitchen cooking and dancing like a Woodstock attendee to both new and old school folk. Hi Pru, welcome to your 30s you daft old bat.

Today we're going to kick our folk old school. First there is one of my favourite (new-to-me) musicians, Sandy Denny. I first heard Sandy's voice on the song by Fairport Convention which will soon follow my inane ramblings here. Sandy died the year I was born (1978, woo!) of a brain hemorrage which resulted from a nasty fall down the stairs which may or may not have been a result of heavy drug and alcohol use. Sad, such a wonderful voice.

Fairport Convention (w/Sandy Denny): Tam Lin

Sandy Denny: Who Knows Where the Time Goes

Just for fun (or something), here is a version of Who Knows Where the Time Goes by the contemporary folk singer Kate Rusby:

Another sad life tale is that of Jackson C. Frank, who was actually with Sandy Denny for a brief period of time. Simon & Garfunkel fans may want to have a listen.

Jackson C. Frank: I Want to Be Alone (Dialogue)

Jackson C. Frank: Milk and Honey

Some covers of Milk and Honey -

Nick Drake:

Sandy Denny:

Next is Bill Fay, and whilst not a tragic tale, he did a couple of albums, then disappeared. Not literally, just from the music scene. This first one is my song of the moment. I know how to rock out. Note to hipsters - Wilco have covered a Bill Fay song, so if he's good enough for Wilco, he's good enough for you.

Scream in the Ears:

The Room:

That's it, I'm spent. Back to work tomorrow. Help.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Music Monday Music Monday Music Monday!

Dear God, woman, the flashbacks. I was brought up on Fairport Convention (and Rod Stewart and Bob Dylan and Kenny Rogers and Fleetwood Mac and Puccini. Don't ask, it'll take hours). I can smell, actually smell right now, 'Uncle' Alfredo's homegrown wafting on the summer air, while all the adults sat on the terrace and talked about sex in a really deep and meaningful way, man, and we kids leaned out of the upstairs bedroom windows in our pyjamas and wondered why we couldn't have a special chocolate brownie.

No, wait, the smell's actually the neighbours' teenagers. Sorry.

Aunt Becky said...

My parents were hippies.

rockmama said...

Folktastic! I love Kate Rusby; got to see her at the Stables in Wavendon. One of the best live performances I've EVER seen!