Sex, cities, and married gay boys

The Dude was kind enough to take a half day with me today so we could satisfy my need to see Sex and the City. He pretends this is a great sacrifice which should be rewarded in blow jobs and mutual repeated viewings of the Rambo films, but he always genuinely enjoyed the show. If I catch an episode on TV, he can usually be found in the room pretending to be otherwise occupied, yet he still manages to laugh in all the right places. Just last week, when stuck in the car for a lengthy journey, he suggested we rank our favourite Sex and the City men. If that's not bad enough, he then argued the merits of my choices for at least half an hour. He obviously has a lot of emotions invested in the programme.

With that said, here are some interesting excerpts from the "Wait - am I actually at this movie with my husband, or some camp male friend?" cinema-going experience from today. Him, said during the film:

"That is a great light fixture."

"Oh my god, look at that (walk-in)closet!"

Just when you don't think things could get any more flamboyant(after the film, over dinner):

"So, what is the expensive shoe hierarchy? Would you say Louboutins are the creme de la creme, then Manolos, then Jimmy Choos? That's what I perceive it to be."

"What was your favourite pair of shoes in the movie?" (upon hearing my response): "Oh yeah, those were nice."

"The Vivienne Westwood dress was my favourite from the Vogue shoot. You wouldn't expect Vivienne Westwood to come up with something that normal, would you?"

This is my husband. I have absolutely no friends who watch Sex and the City, so I should be thankful I can discuss this with The Dude, my new BFF.


In completely unrelated news, my Cheese Wife, Cheese Aunt to my firstborn, Molly, has moved her blog again, woman of mystery that she is. No longer cloaked in darkness, she can be found here: http://piquantmolly.wordpress.com/

Go there. Read. Love her as I love her, but not too much because she is totally mine. We've met you know. There was minimal boob cupping, some tongue, and some ass slapping. There was also much viewing of nerdy television and poring over WWII letters. I just want you to realise that you can't possibly mimic nor surpass the bond that we have. I will fight for her.

Last, but not least, I leave you with this...


Anonymous said...

Ha. Blow job rewards. Hubby & I went a little further with this notion, and attempted to formalise it. A kind of you-scratch-my-back-whilst-I-don't-scratch-yours concept. Negotiations broke down when we could not agree on a scale of values; he was pitching a holiday abroad at some bloody ridiculous number. He did fairly well out of my spaniel's recent £2k vet bill though.

Not sure how the hairy one would react to SATC. Bemusedly, I feel. I could try and lure him there under the pretext of Indiana Jones and slide him into the next screen instead. Hmmm. I'll get back to you on that.

Sizzle said...

Saw this: http://www.someecards.com/upload/movies/ill_take_you_to_sex_and_the_city_in_exchange.html

and thought of you. ;)

Aunt Becky said...


Your husband (whose name I do know, but for the sake of anonymity will not reveal) sounds like The Daver. Who I believe is secretly mad I went with my girlfriends to the movie and not him.

Nic said...

I totally cracked up at the Louboutin / Manolo / Jimmy Choo comments. I haven't even heard of the first shoes before!

And, I'm digging the new header.

DC said...

My hubby wouldn't know a Louboutin if he got smacked right between his eyes with a stiletto. That's probably best. At least he has no clue what I spend on shoes. ;)

Kristi said...

My husband also loves SATC. We watched every episode together, and he has even suggested dropping the kid off at my aunt's so we can catch a matinee this weekend. Viva la boys in touch with their feminine side.

Brigindo said...

Tagged you for a meme. Come see my blog for the rules

Betty M said...

Whilst mine is alarmingly metrosexual in most things SATC is where he draws the line - definitely preferable to have his eyes poked out with sharp sticks than go to see it is his view.

Magpie said...

Ha - we watched SATC on TV a lot, but I don't know if I could get my husband to the movie. Then again, we never go to the movies...

Love that TGIF card.

baby~amore' said...

I'm here from NaComLeavCom
Hearing so much about SATC I need to go see it
MY DH would not go for sure.
My Little Drummer boys
warm regards

Tash said...

I think we're both waiting for video on this one, but seeing as Mr. watches Project Runway with me, I'm not sure I'll have too much of a problem.

Will check out the blog. VERY PLATONIC LIKE.

Katie said...

Via NaComLeavMo...
I wish I had someone to go see the film with. Everyone I know who would want to go has already seen it. I'll have to make do with my box set of the tv series instead!

calliope said...

wait just a fucking minute! I thought Molly was MINE! We are award show dork twins. I totally thought I peed on her first.


Your dude sounds fabulous. I want one like him!

PiquantMolly said...

Cali, dear, there is enough of me to go around -- I'm a whole lotta woman.

The Dude is SO coming shoe shopping with me some day.

Defiantmuse said...

I have yet to see the movie, Mr. Egg REFUSES to go see it with me (or spend the $20 on tickets). So I'm afraid I'll have to catch it on the small screen whenever it's out on DVD.

Amanda said...

I completely agree with The Dude on the shoe hierarchy!

(Here via NCLM)