Music Monday: Rilo Kiley/Jenny Lewis

...and here we are, back to single acts for a week rather than an overall theme. It's about time that Rilo Kiley and its lead singer, Jenny Lewis make an appearance here. I'm sure most of you will be familiar with the band, as well as Jenny Lewis' solo efforts, but as it's my job to compile, here I am. I tried to get The Dude to listen to Rilo Kiley back in the day, and he was all, "Whatevs. Where's my Rocky IV soundtrack bitch?" I'm paraphrasing, but it sounds about right.

Now, I need your opinions on the manner in which Music Monday is presented. I do sometimes struggle sourcing some of the music on YouTube - either it perhaps a bit too obscure, or due to copyright and the like, videos can't be shown. Because of this, I may change to a more common song, or perhaps leave you with some godawful fan interpretation video which inevitably sucks.

On the other hand, it's nice to watch music videos if they're well done. I have at times put up live performances as well, which, depending on the artist, can be quite entertaining. It gives you something to actually look at, which is kind of the point of a blog.

When visiting DefiantMuse the other day (on her blog, not in real life, if only...), I noticed she had a handy dandy playlist embedded within her blog post. You can select which songs you want to listen to, and you can pop it out as well. Genius!

So my question obviously is - which do you prefer? I'll put them both on here, and you can judge for yourselves. I'm the world's most indecisive person, so no doubt I'll do both every single week. I aim to please you see.

Wait, who was I even blogging about? Oh yeah, Rilo Kiley!

The Moneymaker:

Silver Lining:

The Frug:


Portions for Foxes:

Jenny Lewis feat. Watson Twins

Rise Up with Fists:

Born Secular:

The Charging Sky:



There we are. Let me know which you prefer - make your voice heard!

ETA: The playlist doesn't show when I view the page, so that's helpful. However, it seems to work once I click on "Pop out player". I think I can tell what direction these votes will go in now...Playlist bastards!


calliope said...

I can get the player to work for me- maybe because I have a mac? maybe because I am stupid?
But I LOVE Rilo. I hate the album that money maker is on- but damn it if that song won't be in my head for the rest of the day...just promise you won't have one of those embedded things that play music as soon as the page loads.

PiquantMolly said...

You'll be pleased to know that due to your tutelage I already have Portions for Foxes and Born Secular on my computer.