You know you are getting older (less than a month to 30 as of yesterday) when your ideal evening is spent laying on the couch with a tub of Ben & Jerry's, watching one of the last episodes ever of The Wire. Throw a bit of blog-reading in there and I may simply expire from the sheer enjoyment factor.

This can only be surpassed by tomorrow night's plans - pizza and soda, and the final two episodes of The Wire. The hedonistic (yes, this is what passes for hedonism in Chez Pru) qualities of the evening will however be compromised when the finality of my viewing hits me. It will be like a close relative has died. Sigh.

This pseudo post is more of a PSA than anything else. If you haven't watched The Wire, you shouldn't own a television. That is all. Inane rant and random post complete.


hairyfarmerfamily said...

Own a TV but don't watch it much. Therefore a Wire virgin! Instruct me!?

ms.bri said...

We foolishly attempted to start watching The Wire when Beck was less than a month old. Ha. We were so exhausted we couldn't follow it AT ALL. Halfway through we turned to each other and sleepily said, "Do you understand this at all? Do you have the faintest clue what is going on? No? Me either." And we turned it off.

I just ordered the DVD again to give it a try and it's not at all complicated. I was SO tired! Wow. Anyway, I tried to watch the 3rd episode of the 1st season today and my disc appears to be motherfricking SCRATCHED. Which will mean sending back the DVD and getting a new one from Netflix. Oy. For just one episode. Crapola.

Miz S said...


I'm still grieving.

I may get the complete dvd set for my husband's birthday (but it would really be for me).

Jenn said...

I have less than a month to 30 too.

Can you believe I've never seen it and I LIVE IN BALTIMORE?

chicklet said...

We just finished watching season 1 and LOVED it. That show rocks.

Kristi said...

We always try to start at least one series on DVD during the summer (when nothing else is on), so I will add The Wire to my list on your recommendation. And your bliss sounds a lot like mine as well.

Ahh... the big 3-0 approaches. It's all downhill from there, you know.

Betty M said...

Did it come to terrestrial UK tv or freeview (i'm too mean to get satellite/cable)? I can't believe it has totally passed me by given that almost nothing else does. It must have been on way too late.

Juliebird said...

word up.
The last last last season isn't out on DVD though, is it?
We eagerly/fretfully await it. It's so wrenching and compelling and...all that. The best TV ever. No doubt. I preach the word to everyone I meet.