Music Monday: Run, run, run

Oh, how times have changed. This is my third, count 'em THIRD Music Monday centred around workout music, this coming from a reformed lumpen, inactive complainer. Admittedly, when I did the first one it was all theoretical - I had the music, but not the actual working out.

Not that most of you care, but before I launch into my running playlist that I haven't already covered in previous posts, I'm going to tell you how my running is going. I had a two month break from early December thanks to my mental fragility and overall pervasive shitty feeling, and did not start running again until two and a half weeks ago. Since then, I have been a running machine. Well, for this casual runner anyway. Last Monday I ran my longest distance yet - 8 kilometres. For the non-metric heathens amongst you, that's 5 miles. If I can push myself for an additional 2 kilometres one night, I'll hit my goal of 10K.

Speaking of 10K, I have only gone and registered on an ACTUAL 10K RUN. Help. It takes place in July, which is keenly scheduled right before I leave for the States (aka Location of the Holy Grail Loubs). Now, because the British love charity runs, this one will be for Cancer Research UK. I'm nervous as all hell that I will collapse in a stupid heap of pale flesh and sweat, but I would love it if you could throw a few dollars/pounds in the direction of Cancer Research UK. I've got a widget over in yonder sidebar, so just follow the directions. Yes, non-UK residents can donate, and UK residents, please don't forget to add the whole gift aid thing.

I know it's a big ask in these troubled times and all, but I don't ever ask for anything more than professions of your undying love. Additionally, you have lots and lots of time to save up a few bucks since it doesn't happen until July. I'm going to keep mentioning this over the coming months because of its importance to me, so get used to me yapping in your ear about it.

Ok, you come here for the music, not the boring talk of running. Yawn, I know. As usual, no judgement!

Bootylicious: Destiny's Child

Survivor: Destiny's Child

Bulls on Parade: Rage Against the Machine

God's Gonna Cut You Down: Johnny Cash

Hot N' Cold: Katy Perry

Tambourine: Eve

Womanizer: Britney Spears

Drop It Like It's Hot: Snoop

Break Stuff: Limp Bizkit

Club Foot: Kasabian

I'm open to any new suggestions. My running playlist is quite stale and needs a bit more...action.


Anonymous said...

I need this post! Thank you! My iPod content was also getting... old. Mind you, it's been that long that I can't actually remember properly what's on it.

My verification word is Hernst. He sounds nice, no?

Anonymous said...

go YOU with the kick ass running!!

& this work out mix is the awesome.

Tash said...

My husband thought he was doing me a favor updating my iPhone to his computer while mine is currently under a dust cover somewhere, and he lost my tunes. I'm working out endlessly to Kanye and A-Punk and I'm getting weary.

That Katy Perry video cracked. me. up.

elizasmom said...

OK, this is cheesy as HELL, but I love to run to Kanye West's Stronger. It's a very "I'm-a kick your ASS" kind of song.

One of my blog friends also sent me a mix with SexyBack and 4 Minutes on it, and those are similarly motivating songs.

I also recommend Reasons UnKnown, Read My Mind, Somebody Told Me and Spaceman by the Killers as running fodder.

My standby pacing song remains Junkie XL's Mushroom.

And, of course, anything off the Run Lola Run soundtrack.

I think you're doing fantastically well — nice job. You are going to kick ass at that race, and you are going to have a fantastic time. Plus, when you wear the race t-shirt later and some runner spots you at the gym, you are going to really enjoy the respect you get. It's been a welcome ego boost for me when I've needed it. Shuttup I do not wear my race t-shirts everyday!

Anonymous said...

Manu Chao. But not the most recent album, as it's a bit slow and mellow for running.

Will give you £50 if you never play Snoop Dogg again. (But hey, I can sing all the words to Dancing Queen, I may not be the Voice of Cool here).

Seriously enjoyed the Limp Bizkit though. And you know about my deep and meaningful affair with Johnny Cash.

Helen said...

There are TWO Destiny's Child on here. TWO.

Marmite Breath said...

Oh! Oh! I love when I can relate!

So, yesterday on Facebook I asked for music suggestions for the iPod since I am now apparently a jogger (since New Years, and yes, very surprising to me). Also admitted that I listen to Womanizer on the treadmill. Sheesh.

I have the Biggest Loser remix of Stronger, and it keeps me going. Two great songs that are on the exercise mix are Pump It by The Black Eyed Peas and Hey Ya by OutKast.