Music Monday: Iron and Wine

As kinda, sorta promised, here is the Music Monday feature after all. I had a good day with my tiny family - we went to the aquarium, P took a 3 hour nap, and we ended the day at Starbuck's, where all good days end. P had part of a chocolate rice krispie cake, which satisfied her need for "chockrit". She kept the employees, dragging after a full bank holiday's servitude, awake with shouts of "MINE!", and "I did it!", said whilst pointing to the crumbs scattered on the floor. We have decided that this honesty precludes her from going to the US, as we regularly, er, stretch the truth in regard to goods brought back to the UK. We can see her now, ratting us out to immigration. They don't like me anyway, so the last thing I need to do is piss them off further.

But anyway, Music Monday. The mind, she wanders. As you can no doubt see, I've chosen Iron and Wine this week. Aside from liking his music, he has the coolest name in folk rock - Sam Beam. God, I love that name. Yes, in name coolitude it even beats Devendra Banhart. Oh, and his beard rocks too. Check this mutha out:

His beard also kick's Devendra's beard's ass. It's a total beardwhipping.

What's this? Where's the music already you say? Sorry. Beards are distracting.

Naked As We Came:

Boy With a Coin:

Southern Anthem:


Woman King:

Cinder and Smoke:

Each Coming Night:

Promising Light:

More info:



Iron and Wine is my way of slowly breaking you in and preparing me for future weeks when I plan on delving into my true musical nerddom - Americana, roots, and folk music. Oy vey.


calliope said...

oooooh! I LOVE Iron & Wine.
now I am getting excited about your nerd music showcase...I mean Americana.


Sizzle said...

LOVE Iron & Wine. :)