Music Monday

In the spirit of Wordless Wednesday and Cali's Photo Friday I decided to start a Music Monday! Mondays blow, whereas Wednesdays and Fridays are days to look forward to. I know a song from a musician(s) which may or may not be familiar to you is not likely to cure your case of the Mondays, but I'm doing what I can.

I feel delightfully self-indulgent for doing this, but I shall carry on nonetheless. Feel free to do your own Music Monday every once in awhile too, but no pressure. I'll keep truckin' along on my own if need be.

For my inaugural Music Monday, I have chosen Bishi to kick it off. I only learned of Bishi a few weeks ago when I was awake at some ungodly hour and became immersed in a BBC Asian Network programme. I don't even know how to describe her. Her music is a fusion of Eastern influences, particular Indian music as it forms her heritage, so the sitar is a feature. It's bhangra, English/Eastern European folk, electronica, and all sorts of wonderful rolled into a delightfully eccentric package.

Bishi is an acquired taste perhaps, much like Bjork. They don't sound anything alike, but I know Bjork is just too odd for some, and I imagine Bishi is as well.

Bishi, "The Swan":

More Bishi research, if you're interested (check out the font on her homepage - art nouveau meets Book of Kells):

Her website

Her MySpace


Rachael said...

I like Bishi - I first heard of her through Patrick Wolf - I believe she supported him on tour. Patrick is all kinds of awesome - check out 'The Magic Position', 'The Libertine' and 'Tristan' if you don't know him already.

calliope said...

oooh! I love the idea of Music Monday! I will surely join in next week.
Never heard of Bishi before so thanks for the heads up.

Becky said...

Music Mondays! I love the idea.

You rock the party.

Kristi said...

Funky and ethereal. I like her (and the idea of Music Mondays).

PJ said...

I love the idea of Music Mondays. I'll have to check Bishi out.