Sacred and Profane

Imagine my sheer shock and delight at being directly linked to in a post by Mel over there at that amazingly comprehensive blog, Stirrup Queens and Sperm Palace Jesters. Thanks to Mel, my traffic has shot up this weekend. Unfortunately, I can't help but wonder what these poor souls must think when they get here, because forsooth, the language! Times like these make for interesting stat viewing. People are directed here from a particular blog - some read the recommend post(s) and promptly leave, others don't even bother reading, likely put off by the first usage of "fuck". Sorry dears. The final group, well, they come here and like what they read. That, or they are paralysed with terror and overcome with such disgust, they cannot click away. Entirely possible.

I'm aware that I'm an acquired taste. No doubt some think that I could do without the liberal sprinklings of profanity, and perhaps I could. However, I enjoy swearing. There, I said it. I don't have much opportunity to swear in real life, so the blog is my forum to say whatever I want. Surprisingly, in my three years with this blog I have never had a troll. Ever. I swear horribly, I call other peoples' children freaks, and have talked of waving my fanny at my RE from an open car window. Yet, some keep reading. It beggars belief really.

In my quest for advertising on BarrenAlbion, I have applied for BlogHer ads. I don't know if I'm allowed to say that, as they send spies round to have a look at blogs to see if they are appropriate for BlogHer advertisers. Nonetheless, one of the questions on the application form is whether or not profanity is used on the blog. It was only a tick box, so I was forced to refrain from typing, "Fuck yes", which is rather unfortunate. I am wondering if my mouth will get me in trouble like it did in my teenage years when I'd spend months on end grounded due to not knowing when to shut up. Ah, see teengage Pru, your mother was right - no one likes a smartass.

In unrelated news, I have *finally* updated my blogroll over yonder. You do not want to know how old some of those links were, it was frightening. I still have a few more to add here and there, but I currently lack the patience and sheer dedication that this task requires. I have added a shitload (oops) of new blogs, so please do yourselves a favour and go read some of those ladies. If I have left you out, please let me know by comment or email (barrenalbion at g mail dot com). Based on my reading preferences, are there any more blogs you can recommend? I don't require vulgarity of course, but I do require some humour. Blandness is not my forte. With my 130+ feeds on Bloglines I totally need some new reads, as I'm clearly suffering from a surplus of spare time.

I have kept some bloggers who haven't updated in eons, in the vain hope that they will surprise us all and write something soon. It's seriously the highlight of my day when a long-silent blogger emerges from the shadows to blog again. Sad, I know. Speaking of great bloggers, Ornery's link says she's pw protected, is this true? If so, anyone know her email address so I can get the hook-up?

I must go to bed now. My eye is pussing and is making a most unattractive puddle on my brand new laptop. Kidding, kidding. About the leaking puss, not the puss itself, that's totally oozing slowly out of the corner of my eye. Send help.


Becky said...

Dude, I think I just died reading about your eye. In a good way, of course.

And I find that your profanity is what makes you so fucking charming.

realitytesting said...

Hell, I only come here for the swearing. And the oooze. You do it so well. With such passion. Who could deny you?

DD said...

I noticed that Ornery went pwp back sometime right around October. I emailed her but didn't get a response, so either my email for her is no good or, well, she finally found a way to avoid my stalking.

I send it to you as you are much more personable, regardless of the amount of times you say fuck.

ElisaC said...

I'm a BlogHer co-founder, and I also have three of my own blogs in the BlogHer network. Two of them are de-fuckified, but one of them is my personal blog, on which I do curse quite often.

My cursing headlines don't make it into the promotional headline rotation spot, it's true, but other than that it hasn't been a problem. :)

Vacant Uterus said...

What?! I love the "liberal sprinkling of profanity!" You do it so well, it's like watching an artist. I can't curse myself, so I'm always fascinated when other people do it. If you stopped, it just wouldn't be the same. There is no Pru without swearing.

About your eye? EW. Dude, enjoy some of that socialized medicine and see a doctor!

Thalia said...

thanks for all the links, I need more feeds in my bloglines like I need a hole in the head. Or would the latter be quite refreshing perhaps?

Go see your GP that eye sounds DISGUSTING.

calliope said...

I, like you, am fond of seasoning my words with 4 letter spices. I actually just got a rejection letter from an ad place indicating that I was "too profane" for their program. I feel like that had more to do with my vagina talk than my swear words...

What i am trying to say is that I adore you and don't go changing to try and please me. I like you just the way you are.


p.s. I challenge anyone to get through years of fertility fun without profanity!

PiquantMolly said...

You mother was wrong, Pru. I love a smartass.


Rachel said...

I always chuckle when you talk about how profane you are because you are quite mild compared to most of the internets. My own blog is peppered with "indelicate" words and stuff because that's how I talk. In fact, my speech is much worse.

This has only become a problem now that we have a tiny parrot in the house going "Shet! Crap! Fek! Gun dumit!" She's getting there.

May said...

Ooh. Worried about your eye now.