It's all about me, me, me!

This is most unlike me - two posts in as many days? Insanity. Clearly the gale-force winds that seem to constantly inhabit my seaside town have done swept away my brains.

I'm here again because I stumbled across a great meme that I had to jump on right away. Melissa at Musings and Mutterings did this meme where you go to the Billboard charts for each year you were in high school, then list the songs that correspond to the categories of favorite at the time, actual best, worst, zeitgeist, and WTF. As a long-time music obsessive, I can so do this. Bear in mind of course that I was a small-town hipster as a high schooler, so my musical tastes generally went beyond that of the Billboard chart, but I was an equal opportunity listener as well.


Favourite at the time: Ordinary World, Duran Duran. This is the first song of Duran Duran that I was familiar with. The Dude, toothless and bent with age, still can't grasp the concept that I have no idea what he's talking about when he rants about the brilliance of "Wild Boys".

Actual best: In a year littered with brilliant songsmiths like Kriss Kross, Taylor Dayne, JOEY MOTHERFUCKING LAWRENCE, Wreckx-N-Effect, and Snow, there are just so many to choose from here in 1993. Err...Janet Jackson, "That's the Way Love Goes"? She's legitimate enough, right? Like a moth to the flame burned by the fire, my love is blind can't you see my desire? I didn't even need to google that. Sad. Also, I know that Jennifer Lopez is in that video as a dancer. Dork.

Worst: Again, so many to choose from. I'm going to have to go with Knockin' Da Boots by H-Town. Don't worry yourselves knockin' the boots, knock da boots. It will make all the difference.

Zeitgeist: Nothing says early 1990s chart music than cheesy, lamer-than-lame R & B (see Knockin' Da Boots, above). To wit: Jodeci, Boyz II Men, Peabo Bryson. You get the point. My vote for this goes to Tony! Toni! Tone!, "If I Had No Loot".

WTF: I have to bring this up again - Joey Lawrence, "Nothin' My Love Can't Fix". Amazing that repeatedly saying "Whoa" on Blossom can lead to a pop video full of breakdancing and neon colours.


Favourite at the time: This is a hard one. I'm choosing between "Shoop", Salt-N-Pepa, "Because the Night", 10000 Maniacs, "Here Comes the Hotstepper", Ine Kimoze, and {{cough}} "U.N.I.T.Y.", Queen Latifah. Right, I'm just going to do it. U.N.I.T.Y. it is. I have fond memories of being 15 and thinking I was badass for singing along the line, "who you callin' a bitch?" The answer - no one.

Actual best: The 90s were hard, maaaaannn...Beck's "Loser" is probably the song on the list from the most hip artist, as it were, but I hate that song with a passion. Beck is a Scientologist, so for that alone I'll pick something else - "Streets of Philadelphia", Bruce Springsteen. "Philadelphia" made me cry like no movie before it, so I would even get teary watching the video. One would have a strong argument if they were to say it might have been more of a result of being forced to watch a whole video full of images of Philadelphia.

Worst: It appears 1994 was the year of Ace of Base, so this is easy. Of the three or four that came out that year, I'll choose "The Sign". I can't even listen to this song while I'm matching it up with the link on here. Ew.

Zeitgeist: "Stay (I Missed You)", Lisa Loeb. This song makes me think of lusting after cute boys and reading Sassy magazine. Oh, those were the days...

WTF: "Whoomp, There it Is", Tag Team. There what is? Regardless, I'm sure I got down a bit to this song back in the day.


Favourite: "Carnival", Natalie Merchant. I loved, loved, loved the Tigerlily album. I listened to it obsessively, that is, until my crazy mother ripped it out of my stereo and stomped on it because I hadn't cleaned the bathroom. She liked Natalie/10,000 Maniacs too, but I guess her insanity trumped her feelings for the music of Ms Merchant.

Actual Best: I don't want to make this boring, so rather than picking "Carnival" again, I'll pick "Strong Enough" by Sheryl Crow. I feel I should say I hate every other song of hers that I've heard, and "All I Wanna Do" makes me want to stick knives in my eardrums, but I still like this one.

Worst: "I Believe", Blessid Union of Souls. No, that's not a typo - they are indeed called "Blessid" Union of Souls. There was a lot of shite music in 1995, yet this song still manages to be the worst in my opinion. It's so whiny I just want to kill them.

Zeitgeist: "Run-Around", Blues Traveller. This song has always made me happy. Good times.

WTF: It wasn't going to go to anyone else than "Short Dick Man", 20 Fingers feat. Gillette. WTF, indeed.


Favourite: "Wonder", Natalie Merchant. Yeah, ok, I really liked her! Sorry. Where is Natalie these days anyway?

Actual best: We'll go with "Wonderwall", Oasis. One of our early dates saw The Dude and I going to an Oasis/Manic Street Preachers/Screaming Trees concert, so this song is rather important to me. I remember I was wearing size 3/4 jeans, a gorgeous pair of wooden shoes with a carved heel, and a lovely vintage shirt that wouldn't contain even one of my boobs these days. Attending concert with man who was eventually to become my husband + wearing clothing for tiny people = fine memories in the very, very distant past.

Worst: I am teetering between Blackstreet's "No Diggity" and LL Cool J's "Doin' It". Verdict - "No Diggity". It's fun to occasionally sing "No Diggity" to yourself though, for that retro, radio-friendly shit hip hop vibe.

Zeitgeist: "Ironic", Alanis Morrissette. Ok, lack of irony within the situations stated as being ironic in the song aside, you know you liked Alanis when she first came onto the scene (You Oughta Know). You too were shocked when she talked of going down on someone in a theatre. Hopefully, you weren't like this naive child who actually thought, "Go down whe----oooooohhhh..."

WTF: "Macarena", Los Del Rio. I never did, nor shall I ever, dance the Macarena. I would rather plaster our car with a million "Baby on Board" signs, so that shows you I'm serious. Also, I'm not line dancing to "Achy Breaky Heart".

So there you have it. Don't make me look all stupid by not participating. I know my music-related posts have about as much fanfare as the sinking of the Titanic, but play along just the once, will you?


Eva said...

Oh wow are you making me feel old. I don't think I can play along for fear someone will stick me in a nursing home.

calliope said...

I miss Sassy magazine AND Natalie Merchant!

& just to reveal the torture that was my senior year in high school:our class song was "Whoop! There it is!"


Becky said...

Stay (I Missed You) was a song that I was in love with. Along with Runaway Train.

Man, I had some terrible tastes.

LIW (Lady In Waiting) said...

Fucking hilarious. I had to try to silence my laughter because I am at work. All those songs that were best forgotten!!

Ok, I loved - still love, actually - Natalie Merchant's music, too. In fact, I have it on my iPod. "Goldrush Brides" continues to break my heart. Those poor poor women who were out on the prarie...

I agree with 99% of the songs that you listed as worthy of hatred. But I have to confess that I loved "The Sign." I am not proud of this but I have been known to sing it when it comes on the goofy station on the radio.

Rock on, my friend. Rock on.


PiquantMolly said...

Cali, I entirely understand. My senior class song was "This Is How We Do It."

The school principal announced at assembly, "I understand the class song this year is, uh, 'This Is the Way We Do It.' I've talked with my children, and they have assured me that the 'it' being referred to in the song does not imply sexual intercourse."


In other news, I heard a totally kick ass groove version of "No Diggity" last month, so I'm gonna go ahead and disagree with you over the out-and-out badness of that one, Pru. Because I do, indeed, like to bag it up.

ms.bri said...

You are young. I met Wes the year you graduated.

I like this one. Presuming I have time between all the important chomping on my nipples that needs done today, I may try it.

May said...

I too say, you are young. Ah, for I was a post-graduate by the time Alanis Morrissette was Not Being Ironic.

I will give this matter further thought forthwith.

Helen said...

You had me at "Sassy" magazine.

Let's bring colored mascara back, pronto.

fisher queen said...

Freaking computer just ate my comment. Sorry if it comes up twice. And yes you are either young or I am old because I secretly listened to that Janet Jackson album all the time after dates with my husband to be. That and Billy Holiday.

OK: 1985
Best: Don't you Forget About Me
I Feel For you (rock out Chaka Khan)

Zeitgeist: Sussudio Phil Collins. A sign that the 80's were going to be mostly lame.

Worst:We built this City or- I want to know what love is

Best:Kiss (Prince) Sledgehammer (Peter Gabriel), Holding Back the Years (Simply Red)

Zeitgeist: Addicted to Love. Boring song, iconic video.

Worst:Sara (Jefferson Starship)

Best: With or Without You and I still haven't found what I'm Looking For, U2. You youngsters go out and get Joshua Tree.

Guilty Pleasure: I want your Sex, George
Michael. Great for being hyper in the car with the girls.

Zeitgeist:I've had the Time of My life. No one leaves baby in the corner. I might have...

Worst: It's hip to be Square, Huey Louis. No it isn't.

Best: Sweet Child of Mine. That whole album rocked. That and Jane's Addiction (one of the best ever) were the soundtrack to freshman year (college) tuesday night keg parties.OK, also, I can't help it, but John Mellencamp's Cherry Bomb.

Zeitgeist: Get out of my Dreams and into my car. Eeew.

Worst: Don't Worry be Happy.

If Oasis or the Smashing Pumpkins had been around when I was in high school- I just wish they were.But I contented myself with Psychedelic Furs, Jimmy Hendrix, Led Zepplin, The Smiths, and my great love, the Rolling Stones.

pixi said...

What a fun post. I like FQ's follow up comment too. I could probably go back further, but I won't embarrass myself.

I loved "Because the Night" when Patti Smith did it, and I loved the 10,000 Maniacs version even more. Ditto for U2's cover of "Dancing Barefoot," -- well, I think I like the original of that one a little more, but they were both good.

I never liked Wonderwall much, because Liam Gallagher's voice bugs me. I like the cello parts, though. I was more of a Bush fan back then, esp. Letting the Cables sleep (again the cello). That song was a bit later, though.

Kristi said...

We have some overlapping high school years (I was 1990-1994) so a lot of these bring back memories. But first, can I just tell you that Philadelphia made me sob buckets (literally) the first time I saw it, and every time I've seen it since?

I was obsessed with Lisa Loeb's "Stay." It reminds me of driving past the house of the boy who broke my heart in the middle of the night during my senior year. That song was always playing in my CD player. Stalker = me.

PS: I'm totally doing this meme on my blog soon.

Magpie said...

you know what i love about this? i know almost NONE of these songs.

except bruce. i love bruce.