See you next Tuesday

Ok, so admit it. My use of the "c" word scared some of you off. Comments went way down for my last post, so either people have packed their virtual bags in a huff over my obscenity, or else it was just a crap post and no one knew what to say. I stick by my bold use of the "c" word, it contributed to the story I was telling, I had to do it! If my life was filled with people who in a fit of drunken exhilaration shouted, "stupid ninconpoops!" in a crowded restaurant instead, I can tell you that I would find a new group of people to hang out with. Life is a varied and rich experience, colourful language just adds to it sometimes.

That said, I witnessed a near car accident from the window of my second story flat the other day. Both people were at fault, yet the one driver (male) yelled an assortment of vulgarities at the other driver, who was female. She was visibly flustered, yet he kept shouting at her to "Fucking drive properly!" and "Get out of the fucking way!" I stood at the window extremely indignant at this fucking asshole that didn't care that this poor woman, initially apologetic, was getting really upset, hence affecting her ability to get out of his way. She finally composed herself enough to get out of his way, for which she was greeted with "Stupid, fat, fucking see you next Tuesday!"

I was leaning out the window at this point, debating whether to shout something at him, but I was neither bold enough nor witty enough to come up with anything to actually say. Knowing me, had I mustered up the courage I would have shouted some dumbass comment like, "Hey, you can go to hell you...you...dumb minivan guy with a comb-over!" You know, because that would show him. I was just completely shocked that a man said that to a woman, filled with so much venom, AND he threw a nasty comment about her weight in there!

The moral to this story is, though I did say the nasty "c" word in my post, I abhor its use in anger. If a man is shouting it at a woman, I find it particularly reprehensible. I am far too much of a feminist to think it's a word to be used with any regularity. I am however, partial to "fuck", "dweeby nutwad" and "twat". I know frequent swearing is the last bastion of the unimaginative, but then why does it feel so gooooooooooood?


Molly said...

"Frequent swearing is the last bastion of the unimaginative"?

Fuck, I'm in trouble.

Thanks a lot, you fucking cunt.

Julie said...

Twat makes me giggle. Personally I save my use of cunt for special occassions. But my favorite of all times doesn't even involve a cuss word of any sort. My friend Kathy (who I used to wait tables with) to a customer who stiffed her, said behind said customer's back... "You are such a big hairy slimy slit!"

I usually get a lot of eeeewwwwsss from that one.

Manuela said...

You know... I have just recently been able to embrace the pure POWER of the word cunt. Truly. Think about it. Any 8 year old uses the word 'fuck' with impunity. I remember when it was a show-stopper... the 'f' word... it was truly THE worst of the bad bad words in our limited vernacular. Now? Bah... 'f'bombs are dropped with a regularity that renders it practically ladylike.
But cunt... now THAT'S a show stopper. I agree that when it's used in anger... by a man... towards a woman... it demonstrates a seeming hatred... a baseness that is figuratively violent. And unmitigatingly offensive. But, when I've heard certain bitch-like behaviour described as 'cunty' by another female... I stand in awe of their confidence in using this word.

So dear, Pru... good for you! I love seeing women taking this word back...it somehow diminishes the vileness of it when used by men. Forget this 'c'word crap... its CUNT dammit!

Besides... I can hardly wait to call someone a hairy slimy slit.... that's gooooood!

Susan / holdingpattern said...

I thrive on the F word and the S word and all their strange variants (fuck that motherfucking, fucking fuckwad, etc). But the C word I cannot say. I don't know why.

Perhaps I need therapy.

Julie said...

I liked "dweeby nutwad"... until the big hairy slimy slit showed up. I have a new favorite now, thanks, Julie!

ps, Pru... Don't ever censor yourself. Freedom of speech, babe!

Sarah said...

I fucking love profanity. (And I think "dweeby nutwad" is extraordinarily imaginative.) Rock on!

ms pickled eggs said...

I can't even see the 'c' word. Does it say something about me that I don't even notice sweariness any more?

Suz said...

I don't say the "c" word, but that's probably because I'm too busy saying the "f" word to get it out.

Ova Girl said...

I am a big fan of the c word but also variations so that situations can be cuntish and cunty. BUT I had to draw breath at "big hairy slimy slit". Noice!

I get totally tongue tied in those situations P. And i hate it. I always think of things later and then i start obsessing over it in my mind.

T said...

I use cunt in anger or frustration. Typically for women, but can be used for men too and like Julie, usually for special occasions.

luminista said...

Oh dear. I think I love you, you fucking cunt.

May I share my favorite story of the c-word? My best girlfriend in law school LOVED the c-word so much; but only used it as a stress-releiveing mechanism.

After classes (which were always long and always painful and always wanted to make you throw yourself out a window) we would get in her car, and then for at least 3-4 minutes, as we drove away from campus, she would have her head thrown back and would BRAY like a donkey "Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt!!!!...etc."

It was beautiful.

Nico said...

I'm swear-disabled. I think it's due to my British upbringing (family is from South Africa). Is there a ten step program so I can learn to effectively use the c-word?