Glutton for punishment

Remember last year when I orchestrated a Christmas card exchange? Well guess what sunshines, I'm doing it again! I had so much fun tinkering with my spreadsheet and getting cards from far-flung places that I can barely restrain myself this year. I wanted to get a slight jump start, as last year things were a bit rushed. I still managed to drag 19 other people kicking, screaming and cursing to participate, and together folks we can make it even bigger this year.

In case you lack the drive or attention span to skim my posts on this subject from last year, here's the gist of things:

1) You email me (barrenalbion at gmail dot com) your name, postal address, blog address and whether or not you are happy to receive mail with photos of bellies/babies/kids. Please do not let the photo aspect of things deter you from participating - you really are free to say no! I think the participants (largely readers of this blog I imagine) would understand.
-I hate to do this, but bloggers only please. That's the only way I can ensure that legitimate people are getting involved. When it comes down to it this whole infertility/mom blogger sphere isn't really that big, so it's easy enough to make sure that no one who makes furniture out of pelts of human skin signs up. Sorry Rockmama, blog or not that weird hobby of yours has forced my hand and you are out.

2) I draft a spreadsheet (woo hoo!) with all these details, and send it off to all participants soon after the deadline. Depending on the number of those participating I will probably be dividing people into groups as I did last year. That way, rather than having to send cards to loads of people, you're dealing with a much more manageable group. That said, you can also send to people in other groups if you want! You win either way.

3) Deadline: last year we had some very crafty participants and people from the US, Canada, Australia and the UK involved, so the more time before the holidays the better. Therefore, the deadline for this will be Friday, 30 November. I would then *hope* to have the spreadsheet sent to everyone that weekend.

4) If you would like to send cards but not receive because of privacy issues, we can do that too. Just email me to say that you'd like to do this and I'll send you the spreadsheet when it is complete.

5) The emphasis here is holiday rather than Christmas. We're all about the ecumenical approach here. If you don't celebrate Christmas, please don't make that a barrier to your participation.

6) Please feel free to mention this on your own blog, the more the merrier and all of that cliche shit.

With the whoring of this programme wrapping up, may I just say that I think it's quite a wonderful thing to be involved with. I'm a cynical soul, but I got positively giddy at the thought of getting more cards from bloggers again this year. I was introduced to some great new-to-me blogs through this last year, and I hope doing it again will enable me to do the same this year. Also, at least one UK reader has to get involved, for the love of God, I'm a foreigner on your soil and I was still the only UK participant.

So come on people, bring a little light into my life. I have broken tits, a fucked up reproductive system, a flat ass, I work full-time and have a toddler with boundless energy. You owe me.


Linda said...

I'll do it again and with a better attitude! Yes, that's right! For now!

All my info's still the same.

DD said...

You turd! I was working on creating a button for the card exchange and a post to go with it! I should have emailed you earlier this week when I was working on it.

Fuck. Still, email me (if you want to me to run the idea by you...).

Dang you for being so efficient!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'll do it! And I'll bring it up on my blog too.

Anonymous said...

I'm in again! I'll be doing the virtual cookie exchange this year too for everyone who wants to pimp that out for me.

Anonymous said...

Well, since you put it that way...how can we refuse?!

PiquantMolly said...


And 20 points for DD, who used the word "turd."

OvaGirl said...

pru...that card exhange thing was one of the best parts of Christmas last year. It was jolly, it was festive, it totally ROCKED and you are fifty sorts of genius for doing it. I too loved receiving cards, many of them were works of art, and even though the ones I sent out were complete crap this year i think I will try to be CRAFTY too.

And so we say Hooray for Cards! Hooray, hooray, hooray for cards!*

(*as mangled from Dr Seuss' The Eye Book)

Anonymous said...

Yay, I'll be in again this year too, Pru :)

rockmama said...

Damn! I shouldn't have put the earlobe necklaces on my CafePress shop, huh?

Well, if you'll still have me, despite my sick and twisted ways, I guess I'm in too. :)

Anonymous said...

You rock.

Count me in again - although my identity changed so it will be fun to see if I can connect with some folks again.

My e-mail is a coming....

Anonymous said...

I'm in, but only if Molly sends pictures of herself again this year, because she is one hot lady.

K said...

Count me in over here too! I LOVE getting cards...and sending them too!