Baby got moderate back - confirmation

You know how I sometimes write about my alleged flat ass? I have always maintained that there is some ass there, despite protests to the contrary. Even my dear Cheese Wife mentioned on her blog post-visit that the ass is flat. I think her exact words were, "Girlfriend has NO ASS", emphasis hers. I know she was checking out my ass for flatness confirmation when we were going up the stairs together at times, but damn. She can be so cold sometimes.

Because I can no longer cope with the debate that is surely raging through the internet now and will for time immemorial, I must put this to rest. I am here to prove that the ass is not completely flat. Brace yourselves, because here comes the ass.

Look, it's a rounded ass! Surely I'm not the only one who can see it, right? If I in fact had "NO ASS" as Molly so politely put it, you would see just a flat plane - no roundness. I edited another version of this picture a bit to show what a truly flat ass would look like, but Blogger clearly objects to flat assed-ness and refused to upload it. Anti-flatassite bastards.

I think the verdict is clearly that there is some ass to be had. I hope this brings the eternal discussion to an end. That is not to say that if I ever meet any of you fine folks in person, you know, if we all actually exist in the real world, that you can't check out my ass to determine its shape yourself. I welcome it. Frankly, I would be insulted if an ass glance didn't occur. After all the ass talk I suspect you'll be disappointed however, so I apologise in advance.
Ass dismissed. Haha, er...yeah.


DD said...

I have reviewed, under magnification, your evidence to ass-titude and compared it to the Cheese Wife's presentation and I can concur that Ass does appear to be presently uder some kind of curvature. However, one can not rule out the relective conditions of the sun on the atmosphere giving a false appearance to the aforementioned curves.

Ah, hell. Looks like a nice ass, either way.

Anonymous said...

So as a fellow "flat asser" I definitely see some curvyness there. And in addition to the reflective conditions of the sun, one must also consider the jeans.

More concerning to me however, is that I'm having a hard time telling if you're wearing sandals with socks, or some other kind of shoe that I can't discern. Please tell me it's not sandals with socks.

statia said...

I need a bigger picture.

electriclady said...

Hmm, the jeans do make a difference, but who cares? Nice ass! (Speaking as someone with such a flat ass that my jeans must be camel-toe tight in order to generate any kind of curvature.)

PiquantMolly said...

No, it's not sandals with socks, which Pru would surely NEVER wear. She is just that goddamn white that it looks like she's wearing socks.

Yes, yes, I'll admit it, there's a tiny degree of assitude below the backitude. HOWEVER -- in person, it is much less assy.

Twisted Ovaries said...

Asking your small child to extend her leg and "Push hard on Mummy's hip, darling, let's show them who's the next Bend It Like Beckham!" does not count in creating an ass-like shape.

I'm going to have to take exception to this, and rule that the jury's out on the assitude.

Also, can I just say that whoever took the picture needs to undertand that cameras come with zooms. Even suck cameras. Ooooh! Unless you had one of those old-fashioned cameras, the kind with the cloth over your head and the metal shiny thing full of powder! That might not have zoom! In which case: WALK CLOSER.

Major Bedhead said...

I would gladly share some of my ample ass with you to alleviate your fears of flat-assedness. Gladly. Because I'm generous like that.

You really don't have that flat of an ass. At least not in that picture.

A said...

DD's comments made me laugh out loud.

But what I want to know - are you wearing those padded knickers?

Kristi said...

hmmm... I see something resembling an ass. Please provide a magnified picture for further review.

tonya said...

Hi Pru! (waves wildly from the west coast) While this picture might be somewhat deceiving, it *could* appear as though there is some amount of ass present. I would say more than 'None' but not so far as 'Cheeky'. There... clear as mud, no?

metalia said...

I see it! I see it! Nice badonkadonk. (Are the kids still saying that? I'm not hip to their lingo. Harrumph. Where are my prunes?)

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