Ducking responsibility

I have an embarrassing confession to make. I read DD's post and thought I was finally getting one of these Rockin' Girl Blogger things that all the crazy kids are winning these days on top of the meme she tagged me for. I then read the post closer and realised that I was tagged for the meme, but I am not in fact, "rockin". I even left a comment about how flattered I was to be an RGB, which is now rather humiliating. Thank god I didn't actually do my own post about being an RGB and thus nominating others as that would have been really bad.

I know meme's are often construed as lazy blogging, but I haven't done one in awhile. Besides, DD told me to, and I always listen to DD. She's very wise you know.

My meme responsibility is to list seven habits/quirks/facts about myself, and there is no shortage of material.

1. I don't like touching my boobs. Self breast exams are a struggle because it totally gives me the heebs. Not in a puritanical, God-will-smite-me way, but more in a rather-eat-dirt way.

2. When I do bother to clean, I do it in the most thorough way imaginable. Fine, right? The problem arises when I then don't want anyone to mess up said cleaning. No usage of the kitchen counters, no dirtying dishes, no walking on the newly vacuumed floors, and certainly no crawling into a just made bed. If there is a sullying of my cleaned space, I can't look at it. I've had to leave the room when someone has stepped on my vacuumed carpet.

3. Just like Suz, I hate surprises. I can imagine no casual fate worse than a surprise party. My fear of the element of surprise extends to walking around corners as well. I take a wide berth because I inadvertantly jump when someone is coming the other way. Even if I hear them coming the jumping still happens. I have told The Dude that P is never having a jack-in-the-box because Mama will poop herself.

4. I have a strong aversion to certain words, the worst offenders being "moist" and "chunk". There have been times when they are used together (usually in reference to cake), and I shudder.

5. I have an innate ability to hook up electrical items. Need a TV/DVD and stereo set up and functioning? Call me.

6. I collect Ewoks. No, really. I don't display them in my house or anything weird like that, in fact, they are in a box in my Mom's attic at the moment.

7. I was the Best Dressed girl in my senior class. I can't possibly expand on how far I am from that person now. Ugh.

I like hearing how other people are freaks too, so it is my job to bestow this meme on 7 others. Who knows, you might even discover some new-to-you blogs. Consider yourselves tagged.

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2) J @ Cheese and Whine
3) Kristi @ Interrupted Wanderlust
4) May @ Nuts in May
5) Rachel @ www.racheldirollzack.com
6) Molly (password protected in a secret location...oooo...)
7) Rockmama @ Prawn Cocktail


Bittermama said...

Oh, that was a good one! Moist chunks, moist chunks, moisty moist chunky chunks of cake!

Hmm... now I'm kind of grossing myself out.

DD said...

Are your breasts chunks of moist-ness? That certainly could lead to issues.

I don't bother cleaning any more b/c I also hate someone messing it up. I thank god a million times over for not getting granite throughout the whole kitchen because of the fingerprints. I HATE fingerprints.

Anonymous said...

I am the same way about cleaning and it drives my family nuts. But, then again, not as much as me, so they have it good in my opinion!!

Great meme!

queen said...

Wow, I kinda want to read all of the anonymous comment but it's giving me a headache. Now I've forgotten what I was going to say. Damn.

Amyesq said...

Good ones! I am totally surprise-averse too. For me it comes from being OCD and having an exaggerated startle reflex. My husband knows he has to warn me when sneezes or I will freak out. And balloons, don't even GET me started. I can't be near one because it might, you know, pop and then I will have a heart attack.

Twisted Ovaries said...

Well I nominated you for an RGB, anyway.

But really, I'd like to have nominated anonymous. Anonymous seems to need some help. And anyone that can end up an insane comment with ""Dear god:::Please let me fuck you harder."?? You joke.
Read the goddamn document for fucking Christ's sake." has got to be good fun at a party, that really screams "meet me by the wings at the party table and we'll talk before I have everyone backing away nervously". Also that "Hit lots of lesbians this year" that they snuck in, that really makes your jaw drop, man . Anonymous needs to up their dosage. A lot. But seriously good fun while the pink elephants parade, I think.

Kristi said...

I have the word aversion thing too. The word "panties" makes me break out in hives. For real.

PS: In case you haven't noticed, there's a bizarro comment up there. Yeah.

electriclady said...

"Moist" seems to be a universally reviled word--almost everyone I know says it's their "ick" word.

S said...

Wow. That's some comment.

I'm with you on number one. I've never done breast self-exams. What a bad girl I am! But since I'm turning 40 in a month or two, I'll be getting a mammogram.


I liked your responses!

Anonymous said...

"Probe." That's my ick word.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, ooh, ooh, I've been tagged! I am now reddikkerlously excited. I will obey immediately. Now that I've got an internet again, that is. Never mind that it's been over a week since you posted this.

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