Music Monday: New Ear Candy

No themes today, just random things that are making me chair dance at work lately. Well, it's mostly chair head bopping with the occasional out of tune singalong. I'm stuck in a corner, so I can quite happily go about my music-inspired oddness with scarcely a person noticing.

First we have Passion Pit: Cuddle Fuddle. This song didn't catch me at first, but now I'm enjoying it far more than I feel I should. It's a jumble of dischordant sounds - it makes me think of a room with six stereos playing different music and hundreds of pounds of cutlery falling from the ceiling. I'm not trying to be lame creatively, it's really what came to mind when trying to elucidate its sound. So basically, it's kind of a jumbled cacophony of madness, but that's why I like it!


Heartless Bastards: The Mountain

My song of the moment. I'm not one for repetition, but I listen to this on loop every single day because I'm crazy like that. It's like musical Swedish Fish, I just can't get enough. Also, check out what sort of person this wonderful voice eminates from. A big voice from such a wee woman! If you only listen to one song in this Music Monday, make it this one.


Hayes Carll: Bad Liver and a Broken Heart

I can only find live versions of this song, but I'm sure if you really wanted it bad enough you could find it somewhere. Actually, all you need to do is listen to public radio. This version is much slower than the radio/album version, and I'm not quite sure which I prefer.

Hayes Carll's MySpace

Calexico: Victor Jara's Hands

Calexico won't be new to a lot of you, and I must say that I'm not usually much of a fan. However, this song has been getting a lot of play lately and I'm enjoying it a lot. It's a nice jaunty song that spices up an otherwise dull workday punctuated with idiots and incompetant managerial staff. Sorry, pointless but cathartic aside...


The Postmarks: Goodbye

The Postmarks are good for when you're in a silly, lighthearted poppy sound. Nothing too serious. I think listening to them makes me tick yet another box in the "How the Stuff White People Like website is totally about me" category. I am apparently painfully white and liberal. Poor me.

Jessica Lea Mayfield: For Today

I've emailed myself from work numerous times with this woman's name urgently typed for the purpose of Music Monday, but have only just gotten around to including her. Want to feel old? This kid was born in '89. '89 folks. Despite her obnoxious youth, listen. You'll thank me. Again.


The BPA (Brighton Port Authority) feat Emmy the Great: Seattle

Again, indie hipster music, but what a lovely voice she has.


That's your lot for this week. I have to go finish watching 24.


Tash said...

Well! Rebuilt my computer over the weekend just in time for Music monday, and now I'm not able to see any of the youTube inserts and the popups aren't working. iPhucking hate this POS.

Will say that I tend to crank and croon out loud when Bad Liver comes on.

Eggs Akimbo said...

I inteviewed Lupe Fiasco the other dat for work and had no f***ing idea who he was. The PR chick...23...was horrified. And people I worked with and my cousins were like, ``you loser, Em''. I need to learn more about music and your Music Monday is a good way!