Music Monday: Little of this, little of that

No theme again today, just stuff I've been digging lately. I know, how fun for you!

I have decided that in two weeks' time, I shall have another Reader Request Music Monday, so as before, send all suggestions to barrenalbion at gmail dot com. I suspect I'll only get a handful, since Bloglines folks don't know I exist anymore, the poor mites. There is no need to pretend to be cool - after all, I'm a woman who has a Paris Hilton song on her iPod. Mark it in your diaries - all submissions need to be with me by Saturday, 7 March. Spread the good word.

The National: So Far Around the Bend

The Bird and the Bee: My Love (for as much as I HATE their song "Again and Again", I adore this one)

Oren Lavie: Her Morning Elegance (Really digging this song. If there is a better video this year, show me.)

Julie and Buddy Miller: Broken Things (Live)

Neil Young: Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing (hey, I never said it had to be new stuff!)

Ray LaMontagne: Let It Be Me (oh, how I dearly love this song)

Beck: Farewell Ride

Fanfarlo: I'm a Pilot (described in a music blog as a mix of Beirut and Arcade Fire - score!)

I'm tired now, and must lay down. Don't forget - 7 March! Hook a girl up!


hairyfarmerfamily said...

The Oren Lavie is amazing! Not seen before.

Magpie said...

Not that you asked the question, but you do show up in Google Reader.

DrSpouse said...

Yes, I get you in Google Reader. Bloglines people, I highly recommend switching.

I'd love to know what you have in your run playlist.

Flood said...

I love that Oren Lavie. It does weird things to me. Bittersweet, melancholy, smiley, weird things.