Music Monday: Keystone State Sounds

Thanks to my brother, I have an idea for this week's Music Monday - music from Pennsylvania musicians. It's not arbitrary, as I'm a native Pennsylvanian (not Transylvanian, as is the joke here in the UK when you say "Pennsylvania").

The first band is Dr. Dog, from Philly. I've included three songs because they have such a diverse sound that you can't even tell it's the same band!

Dr. Dog - Hang On

Dr. Dog - My Old Ways

Dr. Dog - The Ark


The second band is Perkasie, from Lancaster, PA. One of the band members goes to college with my brother, so this is a favour to him. He's been pestering me for months now to listen to them and put them on Music Monday, so here you go kid. Don't say I never gave you nothin'.

They are a local band, so forgive them for the lack of big budget videos, it's all live performances here, but it is good stuff. Check out their MySpace page (linked below) if you want to hear some more tracks.

Perkasie - Wastin' Time/Down by the Riverside:

Perkasie - (unsure of the title)


Next up is Rachael Yamagata (Reading), who has featured on here before, but here she is again. Deal with it.

Rachael Yamagata - Worn Me Down

Rachael Yamagata - Be Be Your Love

Rachael Yamagata - I Wish You Love


The next one doesn't quite fit in with the indie and/or singer-songwriter stuff from above, but it wouldn't be my Music Monday without a bit of music that doesn't match the rest. So, with that said, here's Eve (Philadelphia).

Eve - Tambourine

Eve - Who's that Girl

Eve (feat. Gwen Stefani) - Blow Ya Mind


The next band, Aderbat, is from Doylestown (near Philly). I know less than nothing about them, as they are another recommendation from my brother. Blame him if you think they are shit.

Aderbat - Pilgrim

Aderbat - Busted Cars (live)

Aderbat - We Belong to the Sea


Another band I've never heard of before my brother recommended them is Illinois, from Bucks County. Try typing "illinois" into YouTube, and see with you come up with. I alsmot threw in the towel, but thanks to idiocy and a dogged sense of persistency, I found some videos. Not bad, from what I've heard.

Illinois - The Adventures of Kid Catastrophe, Part 1

Illinois - The Adventures of Kid Catastrophe, Part 2

Illinois - The Adventures of Kid Catastrophe, Part 3



PiquantMolly said...

Eve is from the Keystone State, eh? How about that.

Transylvania. Oh those Brits. Always so witty.

kate said...

Mad props to you for including the E-V-E.

I love her. She is one of my old school faves. Nice to see some hip-hop on your list!