Music Monday: DeVotchKa

Going on the whole two bits of feedback I received on the manner in which Music Monday is presented, I'm going to do both videos and the playlist. The playlist probably won't work again, plus doing both may get a bit involved after one week awhile, but I'm just going to go for it. I've realised that it's not always so much about preaching the gospel of good music, but I like compiling all of the songs and listening to them myself too.

This week's chosen ones are DeVotchKa. I'm a bit of a latecomer to the DeVotchKa bandwagon, admittedly. The Cheese Wife mentioned them to me a couple of years ago, which is kind of weird because usually it's me bringing the Cheese Wife into the 21st century musically. You may recognise their music - a fusion of Eastern European and contemporary indie in the vein of Arcade Fire - from the soundtrack of "Little Miss Sunshine". Simply put, they are magnificent. Listen to them. You'll thank me.

As per usual, some of the videos are weird ones made by YouTubers. There's even a Charles Manson one. Yeah, I don't know either...

How it Ends:

Till the End of Time:


The Clockwise Witness:

You Love Me:

Viens Avec Moi:

This Place is Haunted:

Such a Lovely Thing:

Charlotte Mittnacht:



If the player doesn't show up for you, it will work if you pop it out.

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Tash said...

Me like. In a very bizarre way that I haven't quite figured out in my own head, they remind me of "The Mavericks." Why is that?

PJ said...

Thanks for the introduction, I had actually never heard of them (knowingly :)). I like it and shall be downloading some posthaste. Have a great week.

calliope said...

ok- see THIS is why I love Monday.
I have never heard about this band (well I recognize some of the songs- some how...weird) but I LOVE them.