Music Monday: Loreena McKennitt

First of all, who knew there were so many Portishead fans out there? Yeesh. I guess my 16 year old Portishead-loving self thought I was a bit more...obscure than perhaps I was! That, and naturally you all all too cool for school.

I'm changing the tone this week. Rather than any of that hipster stuff I might throw at you, it's Loreena McKennitt's turn. Again, I've been a fan of hers for about 15 years, which hasn't depressed me until now, seeing it in writing. Anyway, Loreena is often classified as New Age, which terrifies the shit out of me, as I'm bombarded with all sorts of icky thoughts involving Hearts of Space. Not good.

So I present to you the non-New Agey Loreena McKennitt. Turn up the speakers to a pleasing volume, turn of the lights, and close your eyes. You'll thank me later.

Pardon some of the videos. There aren't many official videos, plus the record company has removed any that there were. Prepare yourselves for some really painful cheesy imagery and elves. What was I saying about this not being New Age? Shit.

Lady of Shalott:

Neverending Road:

Dante's Prayer:

The Mystic's Dream:

Mummers' Dance:

Ce He Mise Le Ulaingt?/The Two Trees:

The Highwayman:

-What is it with Canadians and recitation of this poem by Alfred Noyes? Anne Shirley, and then Loreena McKennitt? What are the odds? Incidentally, any Anne of Green Gables fans out there? I know their ranks are many!

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PiquantMolly said...

Ahh, the Mummer's Dance. Always reminds me of movie and previews.

And Gilbert Blythe can cuddle up to me any day.

Susie said...

A kindred spirit!

Not just a casual fan -- my husband actually agreed to go to PEI on our honeymoon 15 years ago. We made the pilgrimage to the north shore and spent a bunch of evenings playing cards and Yahtzee. What can I say? The man is a saint.

Aunt Becky said...

See, now, I've heard of her, but I don't know how. This will drive me insane for ages until I figure it out.

calliope said...

oh Gilbert...

I still have insane fantasies of moving to PEI.

This music makes me want to find a peasant skirt and wear it.

elizasmom said...

Oooh, I love me some Loreena McKennitt AND Anne of Green Gables both.

Thanks for reminding me to dig out that CD!

Vacant Uterus said...

I loves me some Anne of Green Gables. I spent hours sighing over the books as a kid. I always cast Sarge as my real-life Gilbert...

Melissa said...

Another Anne fan here! It's not quite like my love for all things Little House on the Prairie, but I'm definitely a fan.

orodemniades said...

I missed seeing LMcK in concert before she got really famous.

Le sigh.

And wth is up with the word verification thingie, I can't even read it!

Defiantmuse said...

duuuude. I love Loreena McKennitt too. I think you're my musical soulmate. You even have my fave pic of Johnny as your profile photo!

rockmama said...

I have worshiped at the alter of Loreena for many years!

When I had my stint at my college's radio station, I once decided to listen to "The Visit" in the studio while playing a trumpet voluntary over the air. Within minutes, I got 3 calls from irate old ladies telling me that "some celtic shit" was playing over their beloved Canadian Brass.


Helen said...

I too love Loreena, although I never, ever admit it to anyone because of that whole "new age" label.

Once I tried to seduce a guy to "Lady of Shalott". The CD was a single, and I just put it on repeat. After about the 4th time it came on, the guy said he'd either have to kill himself, get the action shot done, or turn off the music because no way in hell could he keep going with that on (how was I supposed to know he wanted a marathon session?)

Major Bedhead said...

I love Loreena McKennitt, but I also used to believe there was a place called Narnia, if I could just find the right wardrobe.

I was a huge Anne fan, too, surprise, surprise. Leg of mutton sleeves.

OvaGirl said...

Nice work Pru. Also an Anne Fan. (With an E)

Anonymous said...

I keep trying to post comments but am being defeated by the ever more cryptic word verification. I think they've switched alphabets on us. Gah.

Completely new to Loreena. But H approves, and he comes form a distinguished clan of folk-musicians.

Amanda said...

Yup, 'nother Anne fan here. There was a time when my bedside table was an altar to the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Anne series...dork, huh?