Music Monday: James

Cali already covered this ground, but as they are one of my favourite bands, I have to mention James. They have a new album coming out today (7th), so I am of course duty bound to honour their first release in 7 years.

Do yourselves a favour and listen. If it's good enough for Cali and Rachel, it's good enough for you.

Top of the World (live):

Lose Control:

She's a Star:

Say Something:

And for those of you are James fans and may not be too familiar with Tim Booth's solo stuff:

Down to the Sea:


Tim Booth did some stuff with Angelo Badalamenti, who some of you may know as the composer of the great music from Twin Peaks. Guess what, I'm going to throw some of that on here too!

Fall in Love with Me:

Dance of the Bad Angels:

There. I'm done now. Sorry. I take my James and James spin-offs very seriously indeed. I even cried at the James concert I went to about 10 years ago. Jesus. Even pre-infertility and motherhood I was a weepy, emotionally overwhelmed crybaby.


Becky said...

I'm freaking thrilled to learn that they're coming out with a new album. That makes me nearly as excited as when I get to see The Cure in concert.

The Town Criers said...

I remember exactly where I was when I bought my first James CD. I was cutting school and at Phantasmagoria, a record store that has since closed. I bought it on audio cassette--that blue cover with the flower?

Rachel said...


James' new CD is out, yes? Or perhaps is out tomorrow? Will I be able to get it in the States?

James is my 2nd-favorite band of allllll tiiiiime (behind U2 and just barely ahead of REM), and virtually nobody I hang with here has even heard of them. That's just WRONG, but good for me because if they decide to come here and play some shows, my fat ass is going on James Tour. It's like Phish Tour, but we shower.

My favorites? Born of Frustration, We're Going To Miss You, Gaudi, Come Home, and Johnny Yen.

Does anyone know where I can get a copy of One Hand Clapping? I will give you love and sloppy kisses and possibly even money if you can hook me up with it.

Rachel said...

Er, One Man Clapping, that is... can't think straight today for some Snotty Whiny Toddler Reason.

calliope said...


pretty please tell me if the album is download worthy.

LOVED those clips.


Caro said...

There's a new James album? Cool!

Kristi said...

Love James! Every time I hear them I'm taken back to High School memories of James-packed mix tapes I made for my friends.