Music Monday: Beirut

You know all that whining I did about lack of comments? I forgot to mention that I totally don't expect to get much, if any, when I do Music Mondays. Music Mondays are largely for me anyway, with the vain hope that at least one of you will seek out this music that may be new to you and become a fan. Music is important to me, and by doing this I hope someone else may stumble upon music which speaks to them.

This week's musician is someone who will certainly not appeal to all tastes. However, if you like your music eclectic and influenced by many different cultures, it's Beirut all the way. The crazy thing is, this kid (Zach Condon) is like 22, and started making this wonderful music in his bedroom. I say anything utilising ukelele, Balkan folk, and the fine sounds of the glockenspiel is all good to me.

I could write thoughtful musings on why I find Beirut so damn good, but it all comes down to the fact that when I listen to him (them?) I am instantly happy. Blissfully, maddeningly so.

Elephant Gun:

Postcards from Italy:

Scenic World (Live):

Mount Wroclai (Idle Days):



He's drunk here, but still manages to own this song. Seriously, what the fuck? My finest drunken moment was singing a "I am Neat" to myself in a mirror, the entire lyrical composition of the song being the words, "I am Neat". And it didn't sound like this. No sir. For the record, my favourite version of this song (Hallelujah, not I am Neat) is Buckley.

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DrSpouse said...

I adore the Jeff Buckley version, having heard it first on the episode of the West Wing where CJ's bloke is shot.

If you like ukeleles, you HAVE to hear the Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain. Google them for some clips.

Anonymous said...

Ooh ooh ooh, I am liking Beirut. Do you like Manu Chao? (Is it still cool to like Manu Chao?) Sort of thing?


As for 'Halellujah', now there's a song that reduces me to a snivelling snotty mess in seconds. And I don't even have to be drunk. That song owns me.

*Blows nose loudly*

calliope said...

OOOH! Mission accomplished. I Will confess that when I first saw the name of the band I had a brief moment of brain fartiness and thought, "hey isn't that the band that sings that song from Top Gun??"

um...yeah. Let's blame it on the merlot...

LOVE this band. I kind of wish I had a life so that I could have this music be a soundtrack for a really quirky and fun day.

Becky said...

Pru, you ignorant slut, Leonard Cohen has an awesome version. Have you heard it?

In order to be your third wife, I must insist that you like Leonard Cohen. Otherwise I might not put out.

(Do you ever get the sense that I talk just to hear myself talk? I do).

Sizzle said...

I'm into this band right now. They are awesome.

Defiantmuse said...

toootally with you about Buckley's version. it's a gut reaction when I hear that song. tears sure to come usually.

Tash said...

Greetings. Will have to find time, maybe in the shower? to click on these vids because you have my curiosity up. Plus, I'm not sure but I think I have you to thank somewhere in the genealogy of Niobe getting a hold of Bishop Allen to thank for that current infatuation, so I'll be back again for music Monday, at the least.

Thanks for the read/comment; I've lurked here before. I'm really really bad. I find a great blog, forget to add to my blogroll (or, add to my blog, but not my reader, or reverse) and then I can't remember where in hell I found it. Drives me mad. I need a few more moments to get organized and I'm sure I too would be a better reader/commenter. Where's the personal assistant when you need them?