Music Monday: Morrissey (because Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now)

This is almost a standard Music Monday post, but with added whining. Fanfuckingtastic.

In the past week I've found myself in a place I haven't been in quite a few months. If I wasn't a registered, card-carrying infertile who doesn't have sex, I'd think I was pregnant considering how emotional I've been. Mornings have been difficult - I've felt hopeless and at a low point which I've been lucky enough to avoid for awhile. I don't want to speak to anyone, which proves to be a bit of a struggle when faced with an 8 hour work day, nor is The Dude very pleased by this. The only light in my day is P.

Only a couple of weeks ago I talked about how I relish my working days, as I need that time away from her. Apparently things change when you're in a bad place and I find myself needing to be around P all the time. I want to keep her close to me, and I have cried every morning when leaving her with my Mom. I have every confidence that she will be fine and have enormous amounts of fun, I just want to be with her. When thinking in ideal terms when trying to lift my spirits, the scenario I come up with is just P and me huddled together under a big, soft duvet all day, every day. Clearly, I'm a realist.

To add a further kick to the head, my iPod is missing. I had it going into my MIL's house today, but lost it in the short journey up the six steps leading into her house. Under ordinary circumstances I'd be disappointed, but get over it in 10 minutes. These things can be replaced. Under the new mood regime, this event sequestered me to my bedroom. For three hours. All this drama for such a middle-class, materialistic concern. I feel pathetic for even spending a moment lamenting its loss. I cried about it. Then I cried some more this evening because I feel like I've failed my Mom in this visit. I cried again because I failed P when I had nothing to make her for dinner, leaving the poor kid to eat a mixture of rice, tuna, and cheese. I cried five minutes ago watching a mum on TV talk about the pain her young daughter must go through due to a severe disability. I'm about to go to bed in a moment, and I will likely cry about setting the alarm for 7am.

I'm hoping this week will be better. I'm also enough of a realist to know it won't.

So, in honour of depressed miserabilists everywhere, I give you Morrissey, one of my very favourite performers. For the purist depressed miserabilists, I'm aware some of the songs are actually Smiths songs. Beat you to it.

Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now:

Irish Blood, English Heart:

Late Night, Maudlin Street:

Reel Around the Fountain:



j said...

Kind of in love with you right now.

Meg said...

Ah, Morrissey, great swinger of gladioli. I heard the one about every day being like Sunday on the radio yesterday, and realised I used to think the lyrics were "every day is shiny and gay" when they're actually "every day is silent and grey." How could I ever have thought Morrissey would think Sundays were shiny?

Also, FWIW, I think tuna, rice and cheese is a perfectly nutricious meal.

(And... my sister had her waters broken this morning - we are waiting for word. Poor thing has been in labour for two days already...)

The Town Criers said...

Well, to quote from the same era, "Monday you can fall apart."

If I were over there, I'd bring you a Kleenex, you dirty old curtain twitcher (which I overused today and called Josh enough times for him to say, "I don't even know what that means.")

Eva said...

I'm so sorry you're having such a rough spell. I sincerely hope your week does improve. And all I can say is, yum, rice, tuna, and cheese. That sounds like a gourmet meal at our house!

Kath said...

Dear Pru, I'm so sorry you're feeling so down these days. I hope the clouds part for you very soon.

PiquantMolly said...

Well, CLEARLY you meant "the only lights in my day are P and MOLLY, who entertains me with long gmail chats during the depressing light-less tunnel that is my work day." I'll let it pass this time.

P.S. - Honey, I've said it before and I'll say it again: better living through chemistry. The UK needs to help you out a bit.

Kristi said...

Asleep was the anthem of my college years. Also, "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out." There's nothing quite like Morrissey and/or The Smiths to help you wallow in the depths for awhile. I hope you're back to your old self (and I don't mean "old" because you're younger than me) soon.

Anonymous said...

Ohh, sweetheart, so sorry to hear, no, wait, read that you're feeling so bloody miserable. Do you think all the Morrissey is helping?

Also, I think rice, tuna and cheese sounds yum. I shall come to your house for dinner.

Becky said...

I want to hump your leg.

No, for serious, I like Leonard Cohen when I'm sad. It makes me smudge my eye makeup so that I resemble a raccoon.

Rachael said...

Reel Around the Fountain is one of my favourite songs ever ever. Extended Hatful of Hollow version plz.