Music Monday: Great Lake Swimmers

Before I launch into love talk about my Music Monday choice, the Great Lake Swimmers, I wanted to mention two things:

1) I was awakened at 5am today by some serious boinking going on in the neighbour's bedroom, which apparently shares a wall with ours. In fact, it appears the headboard mirrors our own, as my OWN BED WAS SHAKING due to the extreme thrusting. Add to that the female moans and occasional pleads to god, and I was without sleep for quite awhile. Seriously, who gets laid at 5am? I sure as hell never have, between the morning breath and the whole wanting-to-sleep thing, I could never be asked.

I watched the young lady's walk of shame to the waiting taxi later this morning, eagle-eyed, nosy neighbour that I am. I hope he at least made her breakfast.

2) You know that post I wrote about my Mom last week? Know how I mentioned the (thankful) lack of an r&b "If I Had a Hammer"? I just picked that song out of nowhere to make a point, and what bloody song do you think came on the radio at my in-laws' yesterday? Only, "If I Had a Hammer"! What are the odds? There was no booty dance, but because god hates me there was a sofa jive performed, which I could have totally done without. This just proves I am never safe. Where there's music, there will be a boogie. I'm fucked.

As it's Monday, onto the music, as promised. I've chosen one of my most favourite contemporary bands, the Great Lake Swimmers. I discovered them via Pandora.com (check it out if you reside in the US - the rest of you are screwed), which played their lush, gorgeous song, "I Could Be Nothing". That was it for me. I bought their first two albums and I couldn't adore them more if they were Morrissey. I love the lead singer's voice so much, I'd drop my panties for just one line of singing.

I don't think they sound like any other current musicians, but think along the lines of Iron & Wine or Will Oldham.


Your Rocky Spine -

Moving Pictures, Silent Films -

Various Stages -

I can't find videos for two of my favourites - the previously mentioned "I Could Be Nothing", and "I Saw You in the Wild". If you like what you've heard above, I can always send you some mp3s. I'm all about spreading the good word. GLS tour like it's going out of style, and they regularly play on the East Coast of the US. At the moment, they are opening for everyone's favourite Canadian - Feist.

To study up on GLS:





Becky said...

Sounds like some serious humping.

orodemniades said...

Neighbors, ew.

Like the band, though. Reminds me of someone else, can't recall who.

Anonymous said...

1) Dear God, the neighbours, At 5 am? Isn't there a section in the Geneva Convention about that?

2)MC Hammer. Heh heh heh.

And now to listen to the music.