The world according to Zeus

After much ado, Miss Zeus Napoleon Dynamite Swearengen, now known as Luciana (Lucy) has entered the world. As you may know, my good friend Lumi over at Illumination, maybe was all kinds of pregnant for like, 300 weeks, and now she is not. It has been a hard old journey filled with 2 failed inductions, 15 hours of labour, cervical swelling, an eventual Caesarian, and one very anxious UK internet auntie-to-be.

Lucy was born on Thursday at 3.19am weighing 8 lbs, 15 oz and measuring in at 20 inches. I hear the boob-latching thing is going well, and Mom, baby, and The Boy are doing well. When I spoke to Lumi, she seemed in good spirits, if not a bit overwhelmed at all the drama in the past few days. I will say that there was no mention of either donkey balls or Joe Pesci, though I think I heard a few mutterings of "fuck". This is why I love the girl. She births a child one moment, and is back in shape and swearing like the Lumi we know and adore.

Lumi claims she will be up and blogging again soon, and she may even have a computer being hooked up at her house this very moment. We can but hope. Welcome to our little foul-mouthed world Lucy!


Sara said...

So happy Lucy is FINALLY here!!!! Woo-hoo!!!!

Julie said...

It's about fucking time!!! Oh, poor lumi. Give her a big cyber kiss (with tongue) from me :)

Alexa said...

Well finally. I was beginning to get quite worried.
Lumi, I hope you are doing well--many many congratulations!
And the fondest welcome to Lucy!

Molly said...


I'll pop over and wish her congratulations. And, 300 weeks is pretty accurate.