Does my iPod make my thighs look big?

True story. I was walking home from work this afternoon, grooving to the naturally fantastic music I have on my MP3 player. I was getting frustrated as to where to put the damn thing, and I decided to slip it into the pocket of my trousers. This lasted but a mere second, as I realised that my already too big thighs swelled to quite a size with the incorporation of this altoids box-shaped marvel of technology. How vain am I?? I guess all the more vain for then mentioning it on my blog.

I don't really have much to say regarding infertility at the moment, as I'm in between stages. So, I will take this opportunity to ramble aimlessly, even more so than usual.

Unique search to behold: Que? My first instinct is to mention how odd this person is, but on second thought...maybe Kirk Cameron does find himself heavily involved in the politics of infertility now that he seems to see himself as a saviour of morality. Mike Seaver, why hast thou foresaken me? Also, I think I have to stop with this apparent fixation with the Camerons/Cameron Bures. People might wonder.

Worrying trend: Cootersearch 2005. One search for this does not necessarily indicate a pattern developing, but now I shall add to the mix that I have had this search 3 times in the past week! With my chest puffed up and arms folded across my chest I shall also announce that I, little BarrenAlbion, come up first in this search! Go Team MyCooter! Upon further rumination I wonder whose cooter they are actually looking for. Are they looking for results for MsPrufrock cooter, or for results about their own cooters? Ponderous...

To be serious for just a moment, I recently discovered that the UK does adoption leave for new parents. How cool is that? One of the parents is entitled to 26 weeks' leave, with the option of an additional 26 week period of leave if neccessary. Basically, it's the same as general UK rules regarding maternity leave. I've not yet reached the stage of considering adoption, but it's nice to know employers have to accommodate employees that choose to adopt.

Back to being shallow...have I entered an alternate universe where Anthony Fedorov's singing is considered anything more than dry heaves-inducing? I must have, or else he wouldn't still be on American Idol. I gave him a moment of my time during auditions when I saw he was from PA (go Keystone State--hurray!), but that ended as soon as the competition began. Honestly people, do your ears not bleed?


Molly said...

Thighs: divine

Kirk Cameron: used to be cute, now supremely creepy

Your cooter: see thighs, above

UK Adoption leave: I've already expressed my jealousy regarding Britain in general, no need to recap

Anthony Federov: Truly and Sincerely NOT GOOD.

Wavery said...

Cootersearch is truly brilliant.

amyesq said...

v. kick ass re: adoption leave! Kirk Cameron, v. weird now, same with Candace. your cooter? well, obviously a v. popular place at the moment. My cooter is v. lonely since Tim is in England this week and I am, well, not.

Pamplemousse said...

That iPod takes pounds off those thighs! Work it girl!

Anonymous said...

My husband loves his Ipod, I don't.

Kirk Cameron? Oooohhh, gross.


Jenn said...

I think I broke my iPod. :( It erased itself. I'm distraught.

WonderMama said...

The iPod is greatest invention of our time. Who cares if it adds bulk!

Very, very jealous of the UK Adoption leave policy.

I love the word cooter. If I ever have clients again, I may start using "cooter" instead of "yoni" when discussing vaginas. Cooter just sounds funner.

Luminista said...

My Boy loves his iPod so much that, if he was told that he could either have me, the glorious Lumi or his iPod BUT NOT BOTH for the rest of his life, he would honestly have to think about it long and hard until he settled on the iPod.


and Kirk Cameron - blows chunks despite the fact he used to be such a cutie!