Music Monday: Working out and working it

I'm a day or two behind, I know. I ran out of time on Sunday, because I was, well, running, and last night I was too anxious to do more than blankly stare at a computer screen. I was daydreaming of Nyquil and being force-fed highly powerful mood-altering substances; music was the last of my manifold concerns.

I did a Music Monday on workout music before, but now that I am actually working out unlike the last time, I'm going to throw my running music out at you whether you want to hear it or not. Please, just like last time, offer up your own suggestions. I get bored very easily when it comes to music, so I would love my running playlist to grow significantly beyond its current 41 songs. No, don't worry, 41 videos aren't going to follow here.

Also...no judgement!

Bright Eyes: Road to Joy

Dropkick Murphys: Spicy McHaggis Jig

Pink: So What

James: Hey Ma

Notorious B.I.G.: Hypnotize

Santogold: Creator

Jay-Z: Big Pimpin'

Jay-Z: I Just Wanna Love You

N.E.R.D.: Lapdance

Serj Tankian: Empty Walls

System of a Down: BYOB

Tricky: Christiansands

M.I.A: Paper Planes

The playlist. Again, pop out if it's not working properly!




Brigindo said...

Love the Spicy McHaggis Jig!

Helen said...

On my running track I have Eminem's "Lose Yourself" (good if you find you're flagging) "Always on My Mind" by Pet Shop Boys and Smash Mouth's "All Star". Yes, I get a little into the pop with running music.

Tash said...

My current get moving songs are Cat Empire "Sly," Vampire Weekend (no judgment, yo) "A-Punk," Ben Harper, "Better Way" (and if you find a version with an extended drum solo at the end let me know -- I could've sworn XPN once played a live version with him and Santana that ROCKED, but maybe I dreamed it? Cuz that would rock), anything by Kanye. I'm thinking of downloading the new Killers -- they're sorta channeling Erasure in a good way.

Played through your list here, and turns out my husband has ALREADY downloaded Dropkick Murphys! Who knew! So I'm off to copy/paste.

Anonymous said...

"Everlong" by the Foo Fighters, "City of Blinding Lights" by U2, "Sit Down" by James, "The Exploding Boy" by the Cure (even though it's like 2 minutes long), "Bizarre Love Triangle" by New Order, "Viva La Vida" by Coldplay, "Begin the Begin" by REM, various and sundry Nine Inch Nails tracks, and a bunch of stuff that I find I am actually embarrassed to mention. Me! I count myself as a fan of Rick Astley and I'm embarrassed to tell you about a couple of songs on my running playlist!

What is this world coming to?