Spare us the ETAs

I couldn't possibly create an ETA #4 for the previous post, because that would just be in bad taste not to mention very poor blogging etiquette.

I'm still harping on about the holiday card exchange, lest you think you're getting off easy. You know how sometimes you look at your stats and compare them to your comment tally and wonder why people are reading but not talking? Now I know there are people reading this, but only a handful (9 not counting myself) actually want to participate in the card exchange. To each their own and all that, but I just wanted to ensure that people aren't opting out for the wrong reasons.

If anyone is on the fence, please feel free to email me and I'll tell you who has signed up so far. They are bloggers you know, and they are safe, I promise. You can even visit their blogs to see that they are (reasonably) sane people. After that, I'll give you a lollipop and we can hug it out. C'mon, you know you want cards from around the world and the opportunity to hug it out with me.

Guess what? In a post entitled "Spare us the ETAs" I am going to do an ETA anyway. Bite me.

ETA: Someone just gave me a good idea regarding this card thing which had not occurred to me. Some people may be interested in participating but not want to surrender her personal details, which is perfectly understandable. If said person would like to send cards, just not receive, that is fine too! Just make sure you mention that fact in an email to me and I will make a note, then send the spreadsheet to you on the 7th along with the others doing an actual exchange.

Now, if perhaps I could just remember everything from the off so I don't have to utilise ETA...


DD said...

Relatively sane is right.

Maybe you can entice them with the idea that they can collect all kinds of foreign stamps and the promise of $100 bill inside each envelope (you ARE supplying the cash, right?).

I honestly have to say I think this is going to be one of the few things that makes my Holiday much more bearable.

MsPrufrock said...

Funny you should say that DD, as I was thinking more along the lines of two $100s. Holiday spirit and all that.

Unknown said...

I'm totally in it for the stamps! Make em lots and make em colourful.

Pru, I have way more lurkers than commenters too. I dunno what that's about but there you have it. Weird behaviour on the internet...who knew?

Major Bedhead said...

They say (whoever They are) that you have 10 readers for every one commenter. Commentor? Anyway, it's a 10:1 ratio.

I'd do the Christmas card thing but I'm so broke and so forgetful (not lazy, no, never, not me) that I just can't commit to it this year.

chris said...

I am a reader and not commentor for many reasons. I found you one day through another blog, and kept coming back to see how things were going. My hubby and I have been trying for a child, but we are older than the usual, and really wonder at our chances. I have a blog, but tend to forget about it when things get crazy. . .Anyway, I just thought I should come out of the woodwork to say hello.

DD said...

Guess who's over here in the states giggling at the can of worms you have opened up...

(Please don't send worms.)

Anonymous said...

Oh, FINE. I'll do it. But here's what I'm confused about and why I didn't say yes the first time you asked: Do I have to make cards for everyone? Or just one person? If I'm making them for everyone, I need you to tell me, like, yesterday. Because I have about ten seconds of free time until Christmas. The earlier I can start, the better.

By the way, hug it out? You don't strike me as a hug it out type of girl. :-p

Eggs Akimbo said...

I'll get involved but I am a bit slow and tired and erm...I don't get exactly what I need to do. And I am stupid but what's an ETA? Just shoot me now...

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