Music Monday on Tuesday: Johnny Cash (again)

P has recently discovered the joys of Cash. We dance to his music courtesy of YouTube, and hence all music we hear when out and about is designated as Johnny Cash. Muzak in a store? "I dancin' to Johnny Cash Mum!" Stomach pounding beats emerging from a passing car? "I yisten to Johnny Cash Mum!" Cash, Cash, all the time. At the moment, in the eyes of P, music is Johnny Cash. I'm inclined to think there isn't anything wrong with that. I'll just sweep under the rug her newfound love for Pink and Katy Perry...

So here we are again, Johnny Cash the focus of this week. Apologies to those who may come here for new music. Be forewarned that I have a Cash covers week planned for...I don't know, sometime. But yes, new music, soon. Pinkie swear.

God's Gonna Cut You Down - Good video, but Kate Moss? Seriously?

Boy Named Sue (live at San Quentin)

Ring of Fire

Folsom Prison Blues

Cocaine Blues

I Still Miss Someone

25 Minutes to Go

I Hung My Head: This is a Sting song. Sting. Weird to me that Fields-of-Gold-Tantric-Sex-God did a song so...grim.

The Man Comes Around: This song was the played at the very beginning of some zombie movie (new-ish "Dawn of the Dead" perhaps?)we saw at the cinema ages ago and I nearly threw up with joy into my popcorn.

I See a Darkness: LOVE this song. Also worth checking out - Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's original (that's him on background vocals on the Cash version). So bare, so bloody magnificent.

Mercy Seat: Original by Nick Cave

Long Black Veil (feat Joni Mitchell)

Ok, ok, I'm done with Cash now for at least a month, I promise.


elizasmom said...

I don't think you can really do too much Johnny Cash, can you? I love to add him as a "palate cleanser" to mixes, because the spare elegance of his songs, even the violent ones, is such a bracing contrast with just about anyone else out there. I am not a fan of Bonnie Prince Billy (he is aggressively charisma-challenged in live performance), but I adore that song. And I can't find the source now but I read a Nick Cave quote once to the effect that no matter what else happens, Johnny Cash once covered one of his songs and that will be his answer to anyone who ever asks him what he did with his life.

Anonymous said...

I'm not complaining. Listening to your playlist now. I was raised on Johnny Cash. He was my first music "crush". Thanks!

Brigindo said...

Have I mentioned how much I love Music Mondays? Don't stop the Cash from coming.

Heather said...

Oh, lord. This? Is why my boy child is otherwise known as The MAN. I have videos of him in footed pjs "playing" his guitar and singing Drive On (I think is the title .. it's the whiskey sam song). He's been singing Cash since he could talk. He has good taste. LOL. So does the tiny dictator.

Aunt Becky said...

Ben has been a tremendous Johnny Cash fan for as long as I can remember (obviously, it's hereditary) so I get pretty thrilled when I hear him.

I'm thinking you need to put The Wanderer in there somewhere.

Tash said...

Loves me the Cash.

Korechronicles said...

Can't get enough Cash. Feel free to include him in as many Music Mondays as you want. I won't be complaining.

Magpie said...

Johnny Cash. Swoon.

Lotta said...

I LOVE Johnny Cash. And Patsy Cline. When are you coming to Chicago?

Anonymous said...