The Unveiling and so on

The time has come to make a very important decision - that of the title for the new blog. Thanks to all who took the time to offer up suggestions, and strangely enough, we have two winners - Cali and Alexa. The title shall henceforth be Swallow the Key, with the tagline of, "I Think We're Alone Now". I was torn between the two, then The Dude of all people suggested the above. He thinks the blog is the most daft, potentially time-consuming idea ever, but he saw it in his sweet little heart to participate nonetheless. It almost makes me feel bad that I called him a miserable fucking bastard today. Almost. So yes, now I owe chocolate to two people. At least I kind of like them, or else that whole chocolate buying and shipping fees thing would suck.

As late Friday nights are my blessed tyrant-and-husband-free time, I am left to my own devices for a couple of hours and guess what kids, I have Swallow the Key up and running! It's very minimalist at the moment, but a lot of that is due to the fact that I'm fumbling around Wordpress like a virgin on prom night. Its simplicity is verging on painful, but hey, that's not what the thing is about anyway, right?

Behold! Swallow the Key! As it is functional now, submissions can come flying in right away because I know you lot have acres and acres of drama and heartfelt emotion ready to pour onto the screen, anonymously (or not). The dedicated email address for the new blog is swallowthekeyblog at gmail dot com . I look forward to...uh, something I hope.
Those who follow me on Twitter may know that I am often filled with hate. Dreadful bile pours out of my mouth and all over the Twitter screen, primarily when I'm at work. My job currently makes me want to beat myself about the head repeatedly, so last week I decided that I needed to buy some stuff off Etsy. Fortunately for the fabulous Mom O Matic, I am obsessed with her jewelry and bought myself two rings, plus another two rings and some barrettes for a friend's birthday. One ring arrived yesterday, the other today, and I can confidently say that my homicidal thoughts toward loudly-chewing colleagues has diminished tenfold. These rings make me want to sing from mountaintops, and I might even get real crazy and give my husband a kiss. On the lips. Because I want to show off my new bling and also pimp Mom O Matic, here are some photos (from Mom O Matic's website - hope you don't mind MoM!):
Ah, I do love me some vintage button costume jewelry.

I went running tonight, much to my immense reluctance. I think I did just over three miles, which I thought was totally ass-kicking until I read that my girl Helen strapped on her running shoes the other day after 35 years of not running, and ran two miles. Bitch.

This isn't about Nike (the goddess, not the shoe company) over there at Everyday Stranger. I actually just wanted to tell you of my new favourite running song. I should be so overcome by humiliation at this, but what the hell. I love it. There. I at least know Major Bedhead knows what I'm talking about. I'm just saying, if you can tolerate this nu metal rubbish that Limp Bizkit did, this song cannot be beaten for sheer vitriol and anger release.

Limp Bizkit: Break Stuff

I really have to restrain myself from running really fast, raising my arms in the air and shouting things like, "Stay away motherfucker!" I may or may not have softly said these words to myself at a particularly poorly lit segment of my run tonight.


Speaking of music, I suppose I should post an apology to Kate for not including her choices for Reader Request Music Monday. It had nothing to do with what she picked, but rather just a combination of my own absent-mindedness and the size of my inbox. I never delete and I'm horrible at replying to emails, thus things get lost all the time. I'm having some trouble with YouTube this evening, so I can't actually post Kate's choices, but she was kind enough to put them in her comment on the second Music Monday post. For those too lazy to check that out without knowing what she has picked - "Check the Rhyme" by A Tribe Called Quest, and "My Finest Hour" by The Sundays. I assume this will be sufficient for forgiveness Kate.

Have a lovely weekend chickens.


Aunt Becky said...

So totally thrilled about this idea that I nearly peed myself.

Oh wait, I just did.

I'll be sending you stuff (AND YOU WILL TOTALLY KNOW IT'S ME) soon. I'm full of The Hate these days.

Major Bedhead said...

Damn. I really wanted that chocolate, too. Ah well. Swallow The Key is a good title for that type of blog.

That etsy shop is fantastic. I've already found three or four things I want. Which sucks because I don't have any money at the moment - I'll just have to hope they're there when I next get paid.

Yeah, Break Stuff. Great rage song. I could have that and Bulls On Parade on a continuous loop on my iPod some days.

kate said...

Ah, dude- no apology necessary, at ALL. I'm just glad to know that it wasn't due to the major uncoolness of my selections. Good to know.

As for dealing with the fact that someone that hasn't run in 35 years made you feel less kick-ass, try having your major competition in the 5k be a 12 year old girl who was so aggressive that no matter how hard you tried, you only passed her TWICE, and finally gave up trying because the little bitch would wait for you to pass her and then blow past, THEN would keep switching sides of the trail to block you when you tried to pass again... having your ass handed to you by a 12 year old? THAT'S some shit, right there.

As for my music choices, I like music that makes me want to beat the crap out of something (well, usually it's the air that gets it, not an actual being...), so I will have to check out this Limp Bizkit thing you speak of. I've been grooving on Black Eyed Peas- Pump It. Old, predictable, but a good one for making you feel like you should kick the world's ass none the less.

Betty M said...

I have to keep away from etsy - i have no need /room for more stuff.

Had to let you know that Mr BettyM was thrilled at your comments about his picks on Music Monday this week. For someone who is all dismissive he was all,"has she put mine in, has she put mine in" like a 4 year old!

Helen said...

Christ, I'm only 34. You trying to age me before my day, eh? I'm 34. 34 34 34 34 34 34. I did not strap my Nikes on in utero, although the image does make me laugh.

Whew. Glad I got that out of my system.

calliope said...

so do we leave comments with our bile at the new site or do we e-mail the bile to you? I'm good either way I just don't want to deal with your wrath if I eff it up.
very very into all things new blog!

Lotta said...

So glad you liked them!!