Swallow the Key

Someone has unleashed their burden on the new blog, so please go check it out and weigh in on what has been said. Mel publicised my new baby on Lost and Found Connections, so Swallow the Key has been getting about 7000 more hits than this piece of shit blog. I'm just waiting for BarrenAlbion to drown in the mire and I'll just publish endless secrets from Anonymous on StK. Special thanks to the wonderful and delicious Cali for SPONTANEOUSLY doing a header for it. Check out that font porn. Hot.

I'm very woe-is-me at the moment - feeling like a horrible daughter (not just because of the DUI Dad situation), stunted professionally, had an aborted run tonight due to extreme overreaction at not having my Nike+ipod transmitter...it's a whole mess of middle-class drama. With that said, spread the good word about Swallow the Key please - it's all cathartic and shit. Ok, I'll stop saying "shit" now. I hope I haven't made too many ears bleed.

I'm going to settle down with SVU and a nice curry. I even lived a bit on the edge and got one of the higher fat ones because that's how I roll. The Dude is heading up north tomorrow to watch cage fighting, so I'm back to single parenting until Sunday. Something tells me I'll be making firm friends with a nice tub of Ben & Jerry's and X Factor in the evening. I'll try not to Twitter under the influence of high amounts of dairy and low-talent singing acts. No really, I promise.


Aunt Becky said...

I'm in dire need of a good curry.

Brigindo said...

I love the new blog and I would be happy to advertise it but here's the problem. I would like to leave comments there (actually just did) and even, perhaps, submit a secret or two but there are people reading my blog that I don't want to find it. So a secret blog is a hard one to advertise.

But I love it.

Anonymous said...

I would sell a kidney for a good chicken bhuna with peshwari naan currently. Or someone else's kidney, whatever.

Umm.... cage fighting?!

Anonymous said...

Aha. I've got my passwords back. I can comment. Can't for the life of me remember what it was I said, so very wittily and sweetly, in theoriginal comment that got deleted by Cruel Internets.

Have a hug instead.