Visions of a daughter of Albion

Sorry to completely alter your title Will and twist it for my own self-serving, in-need-of-a-good-title purposes. Eh, you were an absolute delusional nutcase, what would you care?

Three years ago today I boarded a plane with my new(ish) husband, carrying just two suitcases filled to the brim with most of my worldly possessions, to move 4000 miles away from everything I had ever known. We had no place of our own to go to, and no jobs when we got there. It was two days before my 24th birthday, and as confident as I was that England would be the ideal place for me, I was also apprehensive at the thought of commencing a completely new life within a foreign culture, with my only support being my husband.

A few weeks prior to leaving the US, I grabbed every opportunity to tell perfect strangers about my impending move. I worked at a large chain bookstores that begins with the letter "Borders", and whenever a customer bought a book that in anyway pertained to the UK or its culture, or a CD by a British artist was purchased, I managed to sneak in comment such as, "Oh, England. I'm moving there in three weeks. Yup. Me....moving there." I was generally met with indifference, but some people were envious and conveyed this, which, let's face it, is what I was really looking for. Yes folks, you've heard me speak of the many Child Bores in my life, I was the Expat Bore.

I settled in quite quickly here, aside from the Viral Debacle of '02 mentioned in my previous post. We both got jobs, with The Dude's job utilising his degrees and experience much more than mine does, but that's a story for another day. We bought a flat, took on a mortgage and purchased the most beautiful and gay bird in the world, Desmond. We of course started IF treatment, something that by this point in the States would have cost us thousands of dollars versus the £200 or so we have paid thus far in the UK. Hopefully the next few years will bring on further happy changes along the baby front, less on the IF treatment side of things.

Moving to the UK was the best decision of my life, aside from deciding to marry The Dude "for real" the second time. When I begin to doubt myself and question whether I am capable of the mettle-testing things in life, I only need to think back to three years ago when this timid, introverted (albeit cynical and sarcastic) 23 year old decided to do something with her life, which at the time, was going absolutely nowhere. The changes in me have been significant, and I don't regret a moment of it.

Now, for your viewing pleasure, here are a few photos from my life here.

This beach is about a 30 second walk from my flat.
Unfortunately the water is freezing year round and
the beach is pebble rather than sand, but it's nice to
look at, right?

The pier that is also just 30 seconds from the
flat. Those waves are about as big as they get.

My beautiful boy, posing for the camera and working
it like he knows he can. He opted out of wearing his
hot pink heels and feather boa in this one.

So there it is. Happy three year anniversary to Britain and me. I think we make a lovely couple. If it weren't for this, I'd be BarrenKeystone instead, and it wouldn't quite be the same.


Internal Spring said...

Happy Anniversary!

Glad it worked out so well for you. Looks like you're in a safe party of the country - glad about that especially.

Julie said...

Happy Anniversary! Love the pics

Suz said...

Your's is such a cool story; I'm so glad that it worked out well and the beach looks beautiful (I love beaches of the deserted variety).

Molly said...

Ohhhh, Desmond is so homosexually precious!

Thanks for the story. And you're right -- William Blake was one fucked-up dude.

PJ said...

Yeah, BarrenKeystone just doesn't have the same ring to it.

Glad you're at a better place than you would've been had you hung around the states. I'm still jealous.

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary!


Em said...

I became an expat-bore as well before I moved to the UK to get married. I was just so thrilled to be back to up-to-date soap epsiodes, fantastic shopping and theatre and generally, the vibe of the UK.

amyesq said...

Hey! I think I know where that is. My husband went to University there! Also where Tim's dad met his stepmom while he was in the Royal navy. Does this sound like it might be correct? Either way, congratulations on your move and nestling into a life in the UK. You know very well how envious I am of that.

Panda said...

That Pier looks so perdy, who cares about the pebbles and freezing waters?

I love your birdy. Do you think he'll ever switch teams?

Manuela said...

Awww! I love the pic of your pretty birdy... although I'm a wee bit concerned... what's with not one but TWO pairs of pliers in the foreground of that photo... somehow... for reasons I can't quite articulate... it disturbs me...

Happy Anniversary by the way... you're a brave brave soul... I alway marvel at people who pack up and change countries... and... it sounds like it was JUST the right thing for you all...

DeadBug said...

Your ability to meet those "mettle-testing" challenges could never been in question.

Happy anniversary.


Ova Girl said...

Happy Anniversary! And Desmond...hmmm for some reason I thought he would be bigger. Like some sort of enormous parrot.
It's a huge thing to head to another country and start a new life, congratulations. And yes, the beach and pier look beautiful.

Millie said...

Happy Anniversary!

Thanks for sharing the pics. It looks gorgeous there.

MM said...

Happy Britversary! One of my many unrealized fantasies is of moving to England. Thanks for letting me live (read?) vicariously. Desmond's a hottie.

thalia said...

Thanks for writing your lovely post without complaining about the weather because goodness knows it deserves complaining about this week. Congratulations on the brittiversary and the lovely bird.

T said...

Happy Anniversary! Love the photos too - I'm a photo whore!

Susie said...

What a great bird! And I love your town! Happy anniversary in Britain!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I came across your blog yesterday. I too am from the other side of the pond (north of where you were from) and now here in UK AND have PCOS! How's that for similarities?! lol
I don't have an infertility blog yet, but wanted to say hello. I'm going to see if you've posted your email and I'll email you,