Music Monday: In with the new

It's been awhile since I've gotten my shit together enough to do this. I regularly send myself emails with band names and song titles in the hopes that one day I'll put it all together for an MM post. Hey - what do you know...today is that day!

Choir of Young Believers: Next Summer

Raul Malo: Every Little Thing About You

Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros: Home

Fanfarlo: The Walls are Coming Down

Imogen Heap: First Train Home

Editors: No Sound But the Wind
(this one is for you Rachel!)
-Also, has anyone seen how friggin' good the New Moon OST is? Damn.


Florence & the Machine: Raise it Up

Ellie Goulding: Under the Sheets

I hope that keeps you busy for awhile. Check some of these out, even if you usually skim by my MM posts. There's some good stuff in there!

Next post - the news? Who knows? Not I...


Anonymous said...

You tease.

But still, HEYYYYY, it's Music Monday! *Gets her funk on*

rachel said...

EEEEEEE!!! Thank you!!! EEEEEE!

I don't know what it is about Editors, but I am a 14-year-old squee-tastic girl about them.

Tash said...

Do I smell another Mavericks fan? Loves me Raul.

I'll take music news, anytime. The iTunes can always use a refresh.

elizasmom said...

The only problem with Music Mondays is it's hard to listen to them at work. But I leaned way in to my computer and looked all frown-y concentrated and I kind of taken with that Ellie Goulding song. SOmething very 1980s about it in a way I haven't quite put my finger on, like it could go awary and be terribly cheesy at any moment and yet it stays on the other side of that line and is great.

Major Bedhead said...

I love Raul Malo. He has a fabulous voice and rolling his name around in my head and off of my tongue makes me all grinny and goofy. G'wan. Try it. Raaaauuuuullll Malo.

I kind of got stuck on that one song.....