Music Monday: New Music

So here it is again, for what it's worth. I don't even know how many weeks Music Monday has been in absentia - it's such a labour of love (believe it or not) and I just haven't been feeling it lately. I'm not feeling it much today either, but The Dude is watching cage fighting and I am very down on life at the moment, so perhaps this will cheer me up a bit.

Pennsylvanians who listen to XPN and people fond of public radio will probably recognise my complete plagiarism (that word never looks right to me) of their playlists. Oops. Apologies as well that I'm so "Stuff White People Like" that it hurts.

K'naan: Wavin' Flag

I'm really digging this song and it's the newest addition to my running playlist (which needs all the revitalising it can get).

Ben Harper: Shimmer and Shine

There Brother of mine - Ben Harper. Again. A good summertime song and a bit different to his usual stuff, at least the things of his I know. I also think it will take my entire lifetime to figure out how such a hot piece of ass married and spawned with Laura Dern. Srsly.

The Felice Brothers: Penn Station

This song is catchy as hell, and I wish I could find a studio version on YouTube, but alas, it's not obliging.

Matisyahu: One Day

You know those "odd crush" blog posts and tweets that float about sometimes? Erm...

Dave Matthews: Funny the Way It Is

It's a running joke between Brother and me how deep my hatred for DMB runs. I never thought I'd include one of their songs on MM, but here we are. Turn around, the Horsemen might be behind you.

Grizzly Bear: Two Weeks

Puuurdy. Creepy video though. Blurgh.

Matt Duke: Sex & Reruns

This song makes me almost happy. Sweet litle thing.

Nicole Atkins: The Way It Is

I think I've had Nicole Atkins featured before, but hopefully not this song.

Animal Collective: Summertime Clothes

Yay, fun. This makes me miss Letterman though. Bloody UK television.

Sara Watkins: All This Time

Gorgeous song, if you like Americana/bluegrass/folk as I do. Sigh.

There's more, because there's always more. However, cage fighting is over and I've got a date in bed watching The Office with my husband. Requisite empty promise number 49403 - I will catch up on my blog reading. Someday.


calliope said...

oooh!! I puffy heart XPN radio! It was all I listened to going to & fro to the Northeast clinic.

so so effing glad music monday is back.

p.s. how have you been feeeeeeeling?

Tash said...

I only heard Matt Duke within the past few days (fucking fund drive), and I lurve it.

Dude, Laura Dern. Plz.

I'm digging the Grizzly bears.

I'm going to try and get off my ass and get the xpn festival this year; will try and make you insanely jealous, but will probably wind up stuck at the kid's stage. Meh.

I wish you felt better.

Molly said...

I have heard of exactly one of these bands.

Must widen my horizons.

But so very tired right now.