Rather than doing something constructive with my much-needed spare internet time such as commenting on your blogs, I have been doing idle, fluffy internet things. I have such grand notions of sitting down at the computer and leisurely strolling through my Google Reader feeds, but I have no coherent thoughts bubbling up in this tiny mind of mine. I can read, but as for coming up with something worthy to say - no chance. The feeds are all there, unread, waiting for me to be inspired at some point.

It seems I am so arrogant as to believe you are hanging on my every word, desperately wanting to find out where I go when I'm avoiding being a good member of blogging society. I'll tell you, because though I have a few posts swimming around in my head, I think all that would come out is a Liz Lemonesque, "BLURGH".

In no particular order:

1) What Would Tyler Durden Do

I happen to think my brother is the blogger behind this hilarious gossip site, so familiar are some of his phrasings. I'm sure some of you would find him crude and most inappropriate, but I myself am often crude and inappropriate.

2) Curious Expeditions

I happened upon this site, perhaps via Molly, when we were looking for library porn. Yes, there is such a thing, and while reading the post I had to change my underwear three times. Please see above, "crude and inappropriate".

This blog isn't usually about libraries - its object is to find the strange and unusual sites in the world, and you wouldn't believe what's out there. Prepare yourselves to get lost in this website for awhile.

3) Craftastrophe

Admittedly, this is a new fixation since I didn't know about this site until they started following me on Twitter. Etsy lovers will probably find it particularly funny. I mean, really (and also because I have always hated the word "moist", particularly in conjunction with "chunks")...

4) Postcards from Yo Momma

I only "found" this site last week, but good god is it funny. Readers submit funny texts/emails/IMs with their mothers, and it has made me realise that there must be a universal motherism because so many of them are totally my own Mom. I'm tempted to submit the conversation I had with my Mom when she told me about a movie she saw the night before - she couldn't remember the title or even what it was about, but she knew she really liked it and that Keri Russell was in it. Yes, it was The Waitress. That being the only thing Keri Russell has really done since Felicity, which my Mom never watched. Somehow she had little recollection of the film she greatly enjoyed, but she did remember the random B (C?) list actress that a lot of people, particularly those of her generation, wouldn't be familiar with at all. Anyway, mothers...comedy fodder for sure.

5) Lovely Listing

Some of you may know of my love of real estate. If I tell you that I can spend three hours on real estate sites no problem, please don't laugh. It's an addiction, and it needs fed. This is why I find Lovely Listing so hilarious. It features reader submissions of photos from real estate websites that perhaps should have never been published. Ever. I have often wondered why, in trying to sell a house, a realtor thinks that showing a photograph of a bloke sitting in a chair, or a cat on a table is in anyway relevant. Prepare yourselves - this one will keep you busy for awhile. Not only are the photos worth a visit, but the write-ups are witty and clever too.

My life is making me feel like road kill on a sweltering day, so I'm going to stop interneting and go to bed. I hope you don't get too carried away with my links as well!


Anonymous said...

God, I could be here a looooonnnnng while. Fascinating!

My word verification is Tramp.
How well blogger knows me.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't get Tyler Durden to work.

BLESS! This time, Blogger's given me 'Cherb'. Which is Cherub, near as damnit. Awww.

Betty M said...

There's another half hour gone....

Brigindo said...

Come on! I'm trying to write a grant here! Like I need more procrastination? The real estate one really did me in.

Anonymous said...

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