Charity begins at home

As those of you in the UK will know, today is Comic Relief/Red Nose Day. Non UK residents, this occurance is still somewhat of a mystery to me, but essentially it's a large fundraising event which melds comedy and general wackyness with public awareness of various charitable organisations. I find it all a bit self-congratulatory and annoyingly trite, particularly when the celebrities involved act as if their contribution will change the world, £10 at a time.

People do strange things on Red Nose Day, such as shaving their heads, wearing pyjamas to work, bathing in baked beans, all to raise money for the charity. Obviously I support anything which raises such a large sum of money (currently nearly £33m/$46m USD) but I can't help thinking such events quickly turn gimmicky and tacky.

P's responsibility today was to wear something "funny", the concept of which is a bit vague for toddlers I think. For lack of a better idea, our first and only idea was that she could dress as Upsy Daisy, her favourite character from the BBC children's programme "In the Night Garden". Don't ask me what this has to do with raising money for children in Africa, because I have no idea. It doesn't really matter though when you're this friggin' cute.

I'm terrified that this is my baby. Who is this child-like pod person? I guess I didn't tell her that she's not allowed to grow up.

Speaking of charities (I warned you I would bring this up again), I am running a 10K in July for Cancer Research UK. Running an official 10K has been my goal since I started my exercise programme, so this will allow me to realise it. I, like most people, have lost family members to cancer, so this charity couldn't be more appropriate. I have a little donate button on the sidebar, and anyone, in the UK, US, Zimbabwe, or Vanuatu can contribute. I know these are difficult times, so any donation is very welcome. I'm not very good at begging, but I intentionally set my goal low (£100) and I don't really want my only sponsors to be myself and my Mom. As I mentioned, the run isn't until July, so the button will be sticking around. If you have a little extra money sitting around some month before that, please keep me in mind. I'm even planning on putting pre and post-race photos up on this here blog. I suspect I will regret being so bold.

Changing subjects entirely, I think I may be slowly perishing from this sinus infection from the depths of hell, so I'm desperate for some relief. My Mom can't shut up about neti pots, but as they aren't readily available here I'll have to order one off these here interwebs. Do any of you have opinions on these little aladdin's lamps of sinus relief?

In absence of a neti pot or scythe with which to decapitate myself, I shall now retire to my bed with a jug of Nyquil. Godspeed.


Cass said...

I have one like this: http://tr.im/hm5d but they come in other shapes, too. (This is the one that looks like a genie bottle to me, and there's another that looks a bit like a gravy separator, though perhaps that's not the best imagery for this.) I got mine at Whole Foods Market, if that helps. (I know they exist on your side of the pond but no idea if you have one nearby. Also I'm sure there's different stock at your store. But still.)

calliope said...

oh my gawd.
the cuteness of P is amazing. And where did her lovely mullet go?!?!

Aunt Becky said...

I refuse to believe that this is P. Because if she looks so grown up that means my darling ALEX is nearly a child too. And that, my friend, is impossible.

Portlairge said...

Hi Pru:
Neti Pots rock, you can even get instructional videos on you tube. They will really make you feel better. I have a friend who says this bottle is easier to use but somehow I think the neti pot is more thorough. Sinu-cleanse makes a good neti pot



Beautiful Mess said...

I've heard nothing but amazing things about the Neti Pot. I hope it works for you. P looks absolutely adorable! Of course, you know that already.

Betty M said...

Neti pots? Never ever heard of them.

Did you watch Comic Relief on Friday? Some execrable comedy to be sure but the films about Africa - if it takes Davina Mc-Call to persuade people that malaria and maternal and neo-natal death need some money then I'll live with it.

I've been meaning to email you about The Acorn for Music Mondays. I saw them supporting Elbow and they were great.

Nic said...

Goodness gracious, I can't believe how grown up P looks. Which by extension means I can't beleive how grown up Ant looks. No baby hands anymore which is what really bring it home to me. I know I should switch to google reader so I can actually get notified when you blog, but I haven't managed to do that yet. Sigh.