Music Monday: It's About Damn Time

I don't even know how long it has been since I did MM. I could look, but that requires effort and I'm fresh out of that. As I tweeted yesterday, my kid is being an absolute gobshite lately and a bit of a cow, so I feel capable of little other than dribbling on myself, staring forelornly into middle distance, and oh - hooking you up with some music.

Dave Rawlings Machine: To Be Young

Josh Ritter: Change of Time (frick on a stick I wanted to not like him or this song given my brother's worrying it-puts-the-lotion-on-the-skin love of all things Ritter)

She and Him: Ridin' in My Car (I like this quite a bit despite my abiding hatred of M Ward)

Beach House: Zebra

The Bird and the Bee: I Can't Go For That

Broken Bells: The High Road

Monsters of Folk: Dear God

Dawes: When My Time Comes

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros: 40 Day Dream

Cold War Kids: Audience

Mumford and Sons: The Cave
(there are other songs I could choose from this wonderful band, however, I love this song so much I hae every faith that if I listen to it a thousand times, I will get the job I want and become infinitely fertile. It will be so.)

I hope to be back later in the week with an honest to god blog post about real stuff. We shall see.


nutsinmay said...

Music Monday! MusicMondayMusicMondayMusicMonday!

*Snoopy dance*

May said...

It puts the lotion on its skin!!! Priceless!!

Thalia said...

see I don't know how you think you could cope back in the US when words like 'gobshite' are part of your vocabulary.

Molly said...

I haven't listened to music since 2008, I don't think. How do you have time for this? You amaze.

Calliope said...

WOOOOOOO! Music Monday!!!!! I depend on you for schooling me on what I should/need/must listen to. woo!

Brigindo said...

You know, once again I really do have to agree with your brother.

Sorry about the kid thing. They can be tools sometime...but then they're not.

DrSpouse said...

WE likeeee.

I've tagged you:


elizasmom said...

So, obv., I had to listen to the Zebra song since that's how we roll at our house, and lo, it was pretty!

And I am so with you on Mumford and Sons. I have demanded, and yes, that really is the word, that for my birthday, my husband attempt to get tickets to see them at the Middle East in Boston next month. It is a tiny squashy little club and next year there will be no way in HELL that they will be playing somewhere that little and I wantwantwant to see them live! Now!

Tash said...

Oh thank god, I needed this even if it is now Tuesday.

XPN is playing a hellalotta Dawes -- I rather like them. I also think they're playing another She&Him song because the name/sound is familiar but not that particular track. Hmmmm.

Off to see who's coming to the fest this summer!

And real estate is still moving around here. There will be a place when you're ready -- and I will help you find it. Muahahahahaha.

kate said...

Nice selections! I'm particularly enjoying the track by The Bird and The Bee. But then again, I just might be a closet Hall and Oates sympathizer...

Orodemniades said...

It might be Thursday, but I really needed MM today. Thanks.

Betty M said...

I'm a big fan of Mumford & Sons - pity about the non kid friendly lyrics.