Music Monday: Running Music II

My brother, kind music-loving soul that he is, recently made me a running CD. It's just as well, as my current one is stale, to say the least. With C's contribution, I'm up to 62 songs.

Ladies, I bring you, "SWD is the WMD". SWD - that's me, that is.

Radiohead: Bodysnatchers

Moby: Extreme Ways (sorry about the shoddy video - all others had been disabled)

Ludacris: Get Back (My current foul-mouthed favourite. Those with sensitive ears and more sensitive sensibilities are best off avoiding this one)

Elbow: Grounds for Divorce

Rage Against the Machine: Guerilla Radio

The Killers: Jenny Was a Friend of Mine

MGMT: Kids

Incubus: Megalomaniac

Lupe Fiasco: Pressure

The Roots: Rising Down

Ben Harper and Relentless 7: Shimmer and Shine

N.E.R.D: Thrasher


PiquantMolly said...

I'm in love with "Get Back" by Ludacris as well. That's the song Les Grossman dances to at the end of Tropic Thunder.

elizasmom said...

Oooh, thank you PiquantMolly for helping me place that song. It might have to go on my running playlist too — I find it enjoyable to intersperse my list with really arrogant, prick-ish songs (hence the proliferation of Kanye West, whom I otherwise totally ignore).
And I'm going to end up caving on MGMT soon, aren't I? I DO NOT want to like them but I can tell my resolve is weakening.