I'm blowin' this joint

But only for the weekend. I don't know why I am doing this post, as let's face it, I'm not one of those people who posts every day or every other day. I only wish I had that much to say.

I'm going to Manchester with The Dude and wee P. until Sunday. Our couple of days away demonstrate perfectly that opposites do in fact attract. The reason is so The Dude can satisfy his bloodlust here, and I'm tagging along so I can go here, with the main pilgrimage being to this painting. The Manchester Art Gallery has quite a collection of early 19th century works (Blake, Constable, Turner), as well as what seems to be an admirable assortment of Pre-Raphaelite works so I'll be in heaven.

The Dude has actually lamented that he doesn't have tickets close to the cage, thus the possibility of being sprayed with errant blood or perhaps being hit with a wayward tooth pounded out of a fighter's mouth. I'm excited to see works which are considered *"twee" by most art critics and academics, and the man I'm married to wants to reenact a scene from 300. Let's just hope P. turns out to be like me, eh?

*I did a paper in college on the Pre-Raphaelites and my Art History prof, a Poussin scholar for fucks sake, had the nerve to tell me that he hated the poor Pre-Raphs and found them trite and the much-maligned "twee". Fuck Poussin and everyone who looks like Poussin.


Jen said...

Ah, man, I loves me some pre-Raphaelites. Envy!

Hope you all enjoy your, um, cultural pursuits this weekend!

Adrienne said...

Poussin? That says it all, actually. Freaking boring landscapes is what I remember from my art history class. And classical themes done poorly. Ugh.

Enjoy your Pre-Raphs. I'll just be sitting here, state-side, consumed with jealousy that you can take a weekend jaunt to a gorgeous art gallery that I will never see. Sigh.

Mollywoogger said...

I've got it --

maybe you could take a big bucket of blood with you to the Machester Art Galleries, and kind of throw it around near the paintings you want to look at. Then maybe The Dude could be convinced to go as well!

Have fun, I'll miss you.

Lut C. said...

Enjoy the getaway!
Do take the opportunity to brainwash P. to lean towards your tastes. :-)

May said...

"Fuck Poussin and everyone who looks like Poussin' - Bwahahahahah.

Can't stand Poussin either, him and his dinky little dancing figures in enormous great boring landscapes of buggerall.

And I'm a bit of a Fanny Cornforth myself.

As for husbands' tastes in entertainment, they are the most bewildering and contrary creatures. H once spent an afternoon making abstract sculptures out of stripy paperclips. And then photographing them.